Navy contemplates relocating PNS Mehran base

Pakistan Navy considers relocating PNS Mehran base after the attack that left 10 security personnel dead.

Express May 25, 2011

The Pakistan Navy is considering relocating its PNS Mehran base after the attack on May 22 left 10 security personnel dead and destroyed two PC-3 Orion aircrafts.

Naval Chief Admiral Noman Bashir also pointed towards the possible relocation of the base. However, navy officials said the debate has been ongoing before the attacks took place this week.

Pakistan Navy spokesman Commander Salman Ali said the Mehran Base is surrounded by a civilian population on all sides, which increases security risks.

Ali said it would be impossible to relocate every naval base in Karachi, but said the relocation of PNS Mehran is being considered as a serious option.

He said the authorities are debating about all possibilities and requirements before shifting the base elsewhere, but no decision has been made.


Brig (Retd) Waheed Uz Zaman Tariq | 10 years ago | Reply That is a good option but we have to probe into the root cause of the problem and make all the country safe. There was a time when no one could think of passing by a military installation. There was a decorum, respect for a national asset and sense of responsibility. That culture is no more in esistance. As a nation, everyone would have been watchfull to keep an eye on whatever is going unusual near him. The houses are rented to unknown tenents, doubtful activities are overlooked and there is sense of helplessness. There is lack of confidence in law enforcing agencies. The conspiracy theories are pervailing and people are targetting in teh darkness.
Aamer | 10 years ago | Reply Relocating the base won't make a difference. Relocate your priorities, stop spending the taxes of ''civilians'' on your BMW's
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