Sukkur villagers praised for selflessly providing relief to train accident victims

Shalimar Express had met the mishap on a journey from Karachi to Lahore

Imran Kazmi June 30, 2018
PHOTO: IQBAL [email protected]

KARACHI: In an utmost display of selflessness and devotion to provide relief, villagers in Sukkur reached out to the passengers of a train after it derailed following an accident.

The Shalimar Express on a journey from Karachi to Lahore survived an accident a few kilometres away from Mehrabpur in the nick of time. The bogey of the economy class almost detached from the train on its way on a fast speed but the driver promptly applied the brakes.

Talking to The Express Tribune, DTO railways Sukkur Usman Gujjar confirmed that the Lahore-bound Shalimar Express faced technical difficulties at Mehrabpur on Thursday. Usman said the stoppage was for almost two hours. The train resumed its journey after the railways team fixed the damaged parts.

As an eyewitness narrated, the train was stranded in the middle of nowhere in scorching heat with no sign of population or life. The passengers were extremely perturbed as their children were crying and women were suffering intensely.

To make matters worse, the train staff informed the passengers it might take up to six hours for the rescue operation to begin.

Amidst the feeling of intense helplessness, the residents of Noo Potra village were seen descending alongside trees in large numbers. Some were carrying water coolers, while others had milk and other edible items with them. Those who couldn't carry these brought ice with them for the affectees. Everyone of them wanted to serve the passengers.

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Meanwhile, some of the residents brought a large cauldron of rice in a rickshaw. The poverty-stricken people apparently did not have dishes so they brought sand plates to serve the food. They started distributing food items as soon as they arrived on the scene.

According to the eyewitness, the role of the youngsters was exemplary as they engaged in rescue work despite the weather conditions.

Neither did the helpers know who they were helping nor were they aware to which province, tribe or religion the affectees belonged or the language they spoke. There was only one relation between them; of humanity, sympathy and patriotism.

Upon receiving information of the incident, local police officer Allah Rakhiyo Rind took charge of the situation.

The eyewitness further said he thanked the angelic workers in person and blessed them from the core of his heart. These compassionate beings seemed ecstatic on gaining a chance at mass service.

Finally when the train was restored, the helpful villagers bade farewell to the departing train in a way usually employed to see-off close relatives.

The eyewitness said the fleeting love taught many lessons to the onlookers on how beautiful the people of Pakistan are. "They're sympathetic, helpful, humane and feed others from what they have," he concluded.


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