Defence ministry silent as IHC questions Zulfi Bukhari's use of Nur Khan airbase

Published: June 27, 2018
Bukhari has been asked to reappear before the investigation team on June 27 (tomorrow).


Bukhari has been asked to reappear before the investigation team on June 27 (tomorrow). PHOTO: FILE

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday questioned how the Nur Khan airbase was used for movement of private aircraft and summoned a written response from the defence ministry in the case of Zulfiqar Bukhari being placed on the no-fly blacklist by June 27.

Justice Aamer Farooq resumed the hearing of the case and a representative of the defence ministry appeared before the court. Justice Farooq questioned the procedure that is deployed to use the airbase for private reasons. The defence ministry official answered that he only learned about his appearance a night before and didn’t even possess a copy of the petition.

The court expressed severe disappointment over it and remarked that the written response should have been submitted today.

Interior minister admits to letting Zulfi Bukhari fly abroad

“Such delays should not be observed in official proceedings. You should have taken care of other parties. The rest of them appeared to respect the law,” Justice Farooq remarked.

The court further questioned the interior ministry’s representative as to why Bukhari’s name was placed on the blacklist when NAB specifically requested for the Exit Control List (ECL). The defence ministry responded by saying that the sub-committee responsible for passing names for the ECL was absent. The court remarked, in return, that they could place a name anywhere without the requirement of a sub-committee.

Bukhari’s counsel in his arguments said that since the past eight years, Zulfi was travelling on his British passport and that the passport has over eight years of validity remaining.

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