'No operation without permission of Punjab govt'

The federal government cannot start an operation in Punjab without the permission of the provincial government.

Express May 30, 2010

The federal government cannot start an operation in Punjab without the permission of the provincial government, stated Senior Advisor to Punjab Chief Minister Zulifiqar Khosa on Sunday.

Talking to Express, Khosa said that an operation was started in the tribal areas because the writ of the government was challenged, but Punjab is not facing such problems.

He said all the militants that have been arrested in Punjab, have confessed that they got training in FATA.

Khosa said that anti terrorist training has become a part of the training of Punjab police and they have been provided with modern equipment, he also said that there are checkpoints at every entry point in Punjab but it is impossible to check every vehicle.


HUSSAIN.W | 14 years ago | Reply Is central government going to be join a treat a rap the door of Punjab.? if not then what does mean of Khosa's citation regarding permission of an operation.Every common person is well aware about hideouts of extremist groups who are being,with open eyes, covered by some of high political echelon in the province.As also we have witnessed in lahore a deadliest attack on Ahmadia community while offering prayer.It vividly demonstrates that some of banned ourfits are again organizing their terror wing in order to put an evil coercion on innocent minorities in pakistan.In this situation there is a last option to launch a strenous and cohesive operation against these artificial mujahideen and sipahs.So that,our country would evolved again in every sector smoothly.
Ammar Zafarullah | 14 years ago | Reply Indeed Mr.Khosa the federal government and the Army should wait for the permission of Punjab Sarkar as to when would it be a “good time” to launch a clean-up operation in Punjab! The attack on Ahmediya community demonstrates that a whole dozen terrorist can roam around the city un-checked! It is a breach of security so if the provincial government is unable to protect the lives of people then the authorities must step in and they need no permission as Punjab last I checked was very much a part of Pakistan!!
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