WikiLeaks: US forces deployed in Pakistan for intelligence-gathering assistance

US special forces embedded with Pakistani troops on intelligence-gathering missions by summer of 2009, reveals cable.

Reuters May 21, 2011

ISLAMABAD: US special forces were embedded with Pakistani troops on intelligence-gathering missions by the summer of 2009, confidential American diplomatic cables showed.

The disclosure comes a day after another set of cables showed that the army chief not only tacitly agreed to the covert US drone campaign against militants, but asked for "continuous Predator coverage" of the tribal areas by these aircraft. The army denied the contents.

The cables reveal that US special forces were deployed with Pakistani troops in joint operations in Pakistan by September of 2009.

"Through these embeds, we are assisting the Pakistanis collect and coordinate existing intelligence assets, the cables quoted then American ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson as saying.

Several cables showed the United States was eager to embed American troops with Pakistani soldiers.

Patterson wrote in November of 2009 of the possibility that "operations in the northern FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) may provide additional opportunities to embed US Special

Operations Forces ... ".

By September 2009, plans for the joint intelligence activities had been expanded to include army headquarters, according to the cables.

"Pakistan has begun to accept intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance support from the US military for COIN (counterinsurgency) operations," Patterson wrote.

"In addition, intelligence fusion centers" had been established "at the headquarters of Frontier Corps and the 11th Corps and we expect at additional sites, including GHQ and the 12th Corps in Balochistan."

Pakistani military officials were not immediately available for comment on the cables.

The presence of US trainers in Pakistan has been publicly acknowledged, but such joint operations have not.


Syed Shabbir Hussain | 10 years ago | Reply people like @malik rashid are exactly the tgt audience such crap is intended for and who unfortunately are easy fodder for CIA and other enterprises looking to destabilise Pak through its last unifying factor...the army. Previously our tightly knit social fibre and social values were also a unifying factor, but that seems to have been well taken care of by the media ( immature and sensational ) explosion.
Malik Rashid | 10 years ago | Reply Pakistan's military leaders seek guidance and training from USA but feed Pakistanis with anti-American rhetoric to keep power to themselves for running their highly profitable business enterprise. Now that we realize Pakistan must be saved from power hungry-corrupt rulers(army, civilians, bureaucracy included) we should seek international help in governance i.e. establishing law and order, transparency - watch over government, democracy, gender equality, health care, education etc. This might be the last and final chance to turn our misery around into opportunity for the future. Our military leaders assert that the world has not cast us off like Somalia and Haiti because Pakistan has nukes.. But military might that sucked blood and soul of Pakistanis, amounts to nothing when faced with smallest challenge. It is about time we insist that defense expenditure be curtailed and Pakistan's rulers be subjected to international supervision by the UN. Such a transitory arrangement could enable Pakistan to become a sovereign state in the comity of nations, some time in the future. The present course would lead to inevitable doom.
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