I’d hate to limit my possibilities by defining my future: Minal Khan

Published: June 8, 2018


DUBAI: Aiman and Minal Khan are two peas in a pod. The sister-duo is not the first to be working in the Pakistani entertainment industry (cue Urwa and Mawra Hocane) but what makes them unique is that they’re twins.

And yet, both Aiman and Minal have managed to carve their own respective niches in the industry, having done super hit plays such as Mann Mayal, Sun Yaara and Dil Nawaz. The Express Tribune caught up with Minal recently to find out more about her personal and professional lives.

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Minal began working back in 2014, with the serial Kaash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti. Still at a very young age, the budding starlet says she loves having to wake up early the most when it comes to acting. “It’s my favourite part…waking up early, meeting new people and setting that routine,” she said. Minal also enjoys having her friends, and of course Aiman, on set.

Asked about working in the same field as her twin, Minal shared, “I think it’s a lot of fun that we work in the same industry. There is absolutely no competition between Aiman and I; we are settled in our roles separately. Naturally, we are often paired off as ‘Aiman Minal’ or ‘Minal Aiman’ but that’s just for fun.”


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With such a positive vibe about her, one would have a hard time picturing Minal in a negative or even too serious a role. Incidentally, the Sun Yaara actor agrees. “I feel that negative roles are quite difficult to do. The challenge is that their negative vibe is very hard to display for me, as a human being,” she explained. “It’s easier putting on a smile because perhaps I’m an optimist at heart so happier roles seem easier.”

Minal is currently working on Mohsin Talat’s upcoming drama serial Main Ki Jaana Main Kon, which is slated for release on June 27. This will be followed up with yet another project in August. Does she plan on branching out into films in the near future as well?

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“Well, I don’t plan on doing any in the near future but we’ve seen Pakistani cinema bloom in front of our eyes,” Minal replied. “So who knows? Maybe I’ll end up doing a film. I am open to all options, given that it’s the right role and right script.”

According to Minal, there is no one actor – male or female – who stands out these days. She believes everyone is uniquely talented. She revealed her favourite performance in recent times as been Aiman’s in the drama serial Baydardi and also heaped praises on Sajal Aly’s work in O Rangreza.

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“I wouldn’t want to limit my list to just these two though,” she added. “There are so many actors who have done amazing work and quite a few performances that moved me. I consider all my fellow actors as my idols; each has so much to teach me.”

Considering the exponential expansion Pakistani entertainment has seen, newcomers run the risk of getting lost in the crowd. But unlike many her age, Minal seems unusually sorted. Asked where she sees herself in the next 10 years, Minal said she does not want to limit her possibilities.

“I would hate to limit my possibilities by defining my future,” she replied.  “I’ll take life as it comes, year by year. I do hope that by the end of 10 years, I’ve made a mark on the industry and gained experience and success by being one of the youngest stars in Pakistani industry. And of course, by God’s grace.”

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