Junoon reunion on 'Pepsi Battle of the Bands' confirmed

Salman Ahmed recently shared photo of himself with former band mate Ali Azmat, sending rumour mills into frenzy

Rahul Aijaz June 06, 2018

KARACHI: While much of Pakistan was busy deliberating about Reham Khan’s controversial book or wondering how Swara Bhaskar dare call us “a failing state,” something very interesting came up on Twitter yesterday. And needless to say, it became glimmer of hope amid all the negativity.

Salman Ahmad confirms classic Junoon comeback

Junoon guitarist Salman Ahmed happened to tweet a latest photograph of himself with his former band mate Ali Azmat and captioned it, “Rocking in Lahore with rain, wind, thunder and lightning.” What’s was even more interesting was that he ‘hashtagged’ Junoon in the tweet, which Azmat then retweeted with the caption “Maula Jutt te Noori nutt.”

The photograph has since sent social media into a frenzy, as people are speculating if a Junoon reunion is on the horizon. What is adding more fuel to the fire is that Ahmed and Azmat are known to have not seen eye to eye in the past, even though fans have been begging and hoping for the band to reunite for years. But now, if Maula Jutt is teaming up with Noori Nutt, then maybe, just maybe, Ahmed and Azmat can also put aside their differences and pair up once again?

Ahmed himself has been trying for a reunion for a while but somehow, it never came into fruition and the main reason for that are his issues with Azmat. Whenever the guitarist would hint at the possibility of getting back together, the other denied it and nothing would come of it.

Azmat once even stated in an interview that he “resented” Ahmed and “couldn’t take his dramas.” But things seem to have changed for the better now, if the afore-mentioned photograph is anything to go by.

Last year, the Pappu Yaar Tang Na Kar hit maker even asked his fans on social media if they would like to see Junoon – widely regarded as one of the greatest Pakistani bands of all time – perform again. That and the murmurs within the industry, suggest something big is cooking and we might finally get to see the band reunite.

But when asked about it, Ahmed played it cool and said the meeting had only been a casual iftaar. “Our faith teaches us to show unity, compassion and forgiveness. Ramzan is a month where we can put our grievances and hurt behind us and make a new beginning,” the musician told The Express Tribune. “Ali and I have known each other for almost 30 years. We've shared great moments of achievement, travelled across the world and brought a message of hope and unity to millions of people since the 90s. It was the best to meet for an iftaar, laugh over the past and stay hopeful for the future… A great day, despite the thunder, lightning, hurricane winds and uprooted trees!”

Stop everything and get this: Ali Azmat just hinted at a Junoon reunion

And when asked about the future of Junoon in specific, Ahmed hinted at something but didn’t quite confirm or deny the rumours. “The Junooni journey of a thousand miles continues with a single step. We're rebuilding a friendship; that is how artists work… Love and respect followed by work,” he replied.


While a response from Azmat is still being awaited, we cannot help but feel all the signs are pointing to a reunion. Requesting anonymity, a source has confirmed that Junoon will be reuniting for the upcoming season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

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