Imran neither truthful nor trustworthy: Reham

Published: June 4, 2018


Broadcast journalist Reham, the erstwhile wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supremo Imran Khan, has reiterated once again how the cricket legend is not sadiq and amin in line with constitutional provisions.

Sexual coercion rampant in Pakistani politics: Reham Khan

Reham asked Supreme Court Chief Justice Saqib Nisar take suo motu notice of the matter while speaking to a local television  channel. The former BBC weathergirl claimed Imran had kept his marriage to Bushra Maneka under wraps for two months and equivocated when pressed for an answer. This, Reham said, constituted a violation of  Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution.

The journalist-turned-author also categorically rejected claims of the Sharifs, Maryam or Shehbaz, of having bankrolled her book. Reham also said she was at a loss to understand how a book could influence the outcome of the forthcoming general elections.

Hamza Ali Abbasi threatening me since 2017, alleges Reham Khan

Reham is expected to launch her debut work before the nation goes to the polls, Express News reported earlier. The book is premised on her personal experiences as a “mother, wife, journalist and warrior”.

Separately, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi claimed on Friday to have had the  “very unfortunate experience of reading a manuscript of Reham Khan’s book”. In response, Reham wondered how it was possible for him to obtain the manuscript before its release. “Only possible through fraud or theft,” she added.

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  • Ibrar Syed
    Jun 4, 2018 - 10:47PM

    Imran remained quiet since their divorce and Jemima (the real goldsmith) still show respect and support his political stance against elite yet corrupt mafia.Recommend

  • Umair jan
    Jun 5, 2018 - 4:30AM

    Imran khan Recommend

  • Rollin & Trollin
    Jun 5, 2018 - 9:32AM

    Who is ?? Certainly not Reham caught lying about her academic credentials some years back.Recommend

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