WikiLeaks: US warned of possible LeT attack against India

Clinton had warned that an attack launched from Pakistani soil would complicate the US govt's ability to provide aid.

Express May 20, 2011

There had been credible reports of advanced Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) planning for attacks against India, a newly released cable by WikiLeaks reveals.

The US government had shown concern of a possible attack against India by LeT.

The cable quoted Secretary of State as instructing the embassy to underscore to the senior Pakistani leadership the critical importance of Pakistani cooperation in preventing LeT attacks on India:
An attack at this time — especially from Pakistani territory — would undermine progress for regional cooperation, divert resources from the military campaign in the west, and could hinder the USG’s ability to provide Pakistan with military and economic assistance without restrictive conditions.

Clinton had said that the new Indian government had indicated its willingness to re-engage with Pakistan, but Pakistani progress in bringing the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice is critical to laying the foundation for improved relations with Delhi.

Clinton had warned that an attack launched from Pakistan's soil would complicate the US government's ability to provide Pakistan with military and economic assistance without restrictive conditions. The secretary of state had however acknowledged Pakistan's contribution in fighting extremists but had said that LeT attack would disrupt these efforts.

Clinton also urged the government of Pakistan to swiftly implement sanctions against LeT and Jamatud Dawa "including by taking action against entities/individuals providing material support to the group (including any advertising or solicitation of funds for JUD)."

The full text of the cables can be read on, The Hindu and NDTV. WikiLeaks has previously released cables to other media organisations including Guardian and the New York Times.


from India | 11 years ago | Reply Zulfiqar - dude ! your economy is running on US aid ...don't you get that ?
Zulfiqar | 11 years ago | Reply @Arif Z: THANKS and NO AID Please,We dont Need USAID 1.Pakistan survived without AID after the end of cold war till 9/11. Rather became nuclear power during that period. 2. AID was always linked to war and bleeding of Pakistanis weather it be against Russians or Illusive Alqaeda 3. USAID was never directed at Industry ( eg Steel Mill by Russians) or Trade ( eg Gawadar Port by China)or health (eg Hospitals by Arab states). Exports from Pakistan banned in USA and Europe for one reason or other. 4. While pakistan suffering from energy crisis, USA has signed Nuclear Pact with India for Nuclear development. 5.After billions of US dollars in aid poor remained poor, …so hell with all the F… AID,. USAID supported corruption and the dollars went back to Swiss banks and invested in Florida Ranches. Thank u America. Please stop the USAID. Sooner the better 6. Why US wants to give billions of $ to Pakistan, while in America there is hue and cry over HEALTH CARE, budgets. Reason is very clear. America is hanging by a thread. If america loose Pakistan support, that will be end for America. Russia India China Iran are watching silently and wishing for that Divorce. Non of theme have any love for USA.
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