PM Abbasi's role as national leader in spotlight as govt completes tenure

The premier developed strategies to maintain exemplary civil-military relations, advocate Pakistan's image globally

Aamir Khan May 31, 2018
Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi ensured exemplary and pleasant relations between the political and military leadership during his tenure, sources said on Thursday.

He continued following his policy of maintaining a healthy relationship with the military leadership till the last days of his rule despite recent controversial statement by the lifetime leader of PML-N Nawaz Sharif.

He developed his strategy on important national and foreign matters keeping in view the opinion of the military leadership and made decisions in consultation.

He effectively used the platform of National Security Committee to include the opinion of the military leadership on the country's affairs, where the political and military leadership made joint decisions on national security, foreign affairs and defence.

The decision made in the National Security Council created positive and effective image at the international level about strength of democracy, and that all decisions are made through a policy of working relationship.

The policy of Army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa on coordination with the parliamentary system remained a clear demonstration that democratic system in Pakistan is strong. Today, this system is getting stronger.

It is for the second time that today, the federal government and the National Assembly are completing their five-year tenure. The political circles feel that parliamentary system in the country will further strengthen under the Army chief's policy of coordinating with the democratic system.

The party that comes into power after the general elections will continue the policy of resolving national issues with mutual consultation.

The tenure of PM, the Cabinet and the members of the National Assembly is ending at midnight. He served as the premier of the country for a period of nine months. According to government circles, he is a person of calm disposition who does not speak much.

PM Abbasi informed establisment of caretaker PM's nomination

Further, political circles think that Nawaz Sharif's recent narrative shows that he is following a policy of confrontation with national institutions.

Sharif was seen criticising judiciary in political gatherings. On the contrary, Abbasi adopted a policy of working relationship to maintain workable relations with the institutions. He adopted policy of consultations with military leadership.

PM Abbasi was able to defuse the situation that emerged after the recent interview of Nawaz Sharif wherein he accepted the blame for the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.

Sources said that in the backdrop of the US President Donald Trump's new policy for the region, tense situation was witnessed between the two countries. However, the military and political leadership evolved a new policy of "no-do more".

After this policy, the US authorities were forced to adopt a policy of dialogue with Pakistan to improve bilateral relations. In thix regard, PM Abbasi regularly held meetings of the federal Cabinet to monitor ministries and institutions. The result of these meetings was seen in the form of exemplary relations between Federation, the provinces, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The PML-N leader also paid attention to development projects. The Lyari Expressway project in Karachi was completed in his tenure. He announced Rs25 billion development package for Karachi, Rs5bn for Hyderabad and uplift packages for other districts.

The most important legislation during his period was by the Parliament for the merger of Fata into K-P. He also visited friendly countries to improve relations. He highlighted Pakistan's sacrifices for eradication of terrorism, and advocated Kashmir issue, Palestine and issues of the Muslim Ummah on international forums like the UN and the OIC.

He developed and maintained contacts with Ashraf Ghani government to improve relations with Afghanistan. He advocated Pakistan's stance that the country wants resolution of the conflicts through talks and not war.

He communicated to India clearly that the Pak-India dialogue was only possible when the talks agenda included mutual issues including Kashmir.

Political circles said that PML-N's government is completing its tenure of five year in the Centre for the first time. There may be weaknesses in the Abbasi rule but as a PM, he remained successful in resolving many crises through his policy of working relationship.


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