Ahmadis under attack (III)

Letter May 29, 2010

KARACHI: What happened in Lahore on May 28 needs to be condemned by everyone. It was abominable, gruesome and could only have been done by people who are nothing more than monsters of the most vile kind. However, we should not use it as a pretext to attack Islam, which is a peace-loving and tolerant religion. If that weren’t the case then it would be the only faith in the whole of South Asia today.

Published in the Express Tribune, May 30th, 2010.


sam | 14 years ago | Reply This is one of the most popular misconceptions floating in Pakistan - about the fact that the entire subcontinent was not islamicised contrary to what happened in Egypt, Iran and other places where islam took over as the majority religion. I think you need to look beyond tolerance because there would have been more zorastrians in iran and possibly more coptic christians in Egypt. The truth is Hinduism is not an organised relgion like the ones Islam encountered in other countries - its highly personal nature does not make it easy for mass conversion. Moreover if islam had been a mite accomodating we would have had allah as the 11th incarnation of vishnu a la buddha. Monotheism is very much a part of hinduism as is polytheism and every other theism.
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