Janhvi Kapoor reveals why Sridevi never wanted her to become an actor

Budding actor talks life after Sridevi and why she could be Bollywood's next big thing

Entertainment Desk June 01, 2018

All set to make her Bollywood debut with Dhadak this year, Janhvi Kapoor has been in the limelight quite a lot recently. And of course, after the sudden demise of her superstar mother Sridevi, the public scrutiny only intensified.

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The budding starlet has now graced her first ever magazine cover and ironically, revealed that her late mother never wanted her to become an actor.


The maiden interview has been conducted by Karan Johar for Vogue India to shed light on Janhvi's life after Sridevi, the bond she now shares with  her half-siblings Arjun and Anshula Kapoor and why she could be Bollywood's next big thing.

Anshula Kapoor comes to Janhvi’s rescue

"She never wanted me to be an actress," Janhvi admits in the interview. "She was more relaxed about Khushi getting into films. She thought I was naïve, that I wasn’t thick-skinned enough. She wanted us to live a more relaxed life. She loved what she did but you know it was intense."


Janhvi - whose father is producer Boney Kapoor - also gave some insights on growing up in Bollywood. "My education was on sets. I would do well in History and English but beyond that, I just about passed. So when I started with acting, soon I knew this is it, this is what I need to do," shared the 21-year-old.

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Janhvi has visibly grown closer to her estranged half siblings after Sridevi's passing. The actor believes it is comforting. "It’s made us feel safe and secure. I think, even for Papa, it’s a source of comfort. It’s definitely tied us together. We’ve lost mom and I don’t think that’s a loss any of us will ever get over," she said.


The starlet also confessed to being the baby of the family and the constant void she feels after losing her mother at such a young age.


"I could always be the baby with her (Sridevi). When I’d wake up, the first thing I’d do was ask for her. I’d need her to put me to sleep sometimes and she literally had to feed me," " continued Janhvi. "The day before she left for the wedding, I had to shoot, but I couldn’t sleep, so I was like, 'I need you to come and put me to sleep.' But she was packing, so by the time she came to me I was half asleep. But I could feel her patting my head."


Janhvi's still remains baby of the family though, despite having a 17-year-old sister. In fact, it's the latter who takes care of her now. "I’ve always been very bad at the maternal part. Khushi is like that with me. I am a full baby and she takes care of me. Now she comes and puts me to sleep sometimes," she shared.

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Before Sridevi flew to Dubai, she saw a 25-minute clip of Janhvi's debut film. "She was very technical about it," Janhvi reminisced. "The first thing she told me was the things I needed to improve. Like, she felt my mascara was smudged and it really bothered her. The second half has to be different. She told me, 'You can’t wear anything on your face.' That’s all she told me but she was happy."

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