Call for treating prisoners properly

Published: May 20, 2018
Balochistan jail. PHOTO: AFP

Balochistan jail. PHOTO: AFP

PISHIN: Pishin Deputy Commissioner Qaim Lashari has urged the jail authorities to treat prisoners properly, saying prisoners are a part of society and the main objective of jails and lockups is only to make them realise their mistakes.

“We will not tolerate any kind of maltreatment of prisoners,” said the deputy commissioner while hosting an Iftar party for prisoners at the Pishin sub-jail on Friday.

Lashari said, “Ramazan is a religious obligation and teaches us brotherhood, solidarity and peace.”

He urged the Ummah to serve their neighbours and the poor people to resolve their issues during this “blessed month”.

Balochistan jails termed the worst for juvenile prisoners

“Ramazan is a month of worship and penance. Ask for forgiveness from Allah and pay more attention towards offering prayers and Taraweeh,” the deputy commissioner told prisoners.

Lashari conducted a tour of the Pishin sub-jail barracks and distributed Iftar among the prisoners.

The prisoners appreciated the visit of the deputy commissioner and vowed to live a better life after serving their sentence.

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