Gigi Hadid faces backlash over #FreePalestine tweets

'For me, this is not about religion or one against the other - it’s about the greed,' the supermodel had written

Entertainment Desk May 17, 2018

Gigi Hadid has always been very upfront about staying true to her roots. Hadid hails from a Palestinian background and has freely talked on Israel-Palestine conflict in the past as well.

Recently, the Gaza attack drew global attention and the model gave her two cents on the situation.

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Taking to Twitter, Hadid posted a screenshot of a news article, which was related to the attack, citing it to be the most deadliest one since 2014 Gaza War.

She further added, "I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. For me, this is not about religion or one against the other - it’s about the greed."

However, her comment started a debate as many asked her to clarify her stance.

Hadid, however, was quick to fire back. She wrote, "You’ll all see whatever side you want. My intent is never to further separate groups in hatred- I live my life loving everyone regardless of religion/race. So I will say again for the last time, I’m not anti-anyone. I am only pro- coexistence. That is all. #F."

She further added, "Further & finally- I’m just going to start keeping my opinions to myself. Social media is one of the most frustrating & twisted things. Don’t be surprised when your faves drop off, it’s a double-edged sword. Everything’s taken and read the wrong way, because tweets can never show real depth."

The Victoria Secret angel was then lauded for voicing the matter, with many coming forward to encourage her to always speak on such issues.

The Hadid sisters (Gigi and Bella) have always been particularly candid about their statements regarding Palestine, Syrian massacre and Libyan slave trade. The supermodel duo have always been upfront regarding US President Donald Trumps stance on Muslim ban in the country as well.

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Tyggar | 4 years ago | Reply People who throw stones and petrol bombs at others are NOT innocent civilians and they get what they deserve.
Hafsa yasir | 4 years ago | Reply Celebrities play an important role in voicing international concerns as they have huge fan followings so obviously their endorsing a particular situation can affect the public opinion.
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