Saviours of the day recount tales of horror

Published: May 29, 2010
Journalists and locals run and duck trying to dodge bullets as the rescue operation goes underway.  PHOTO: MEHMOOD QURESHI

Journalists and locals run and duck trying to dodge bullets as the rescue operation goes underway. PHOTO: MEHMOOD QURESHI

In a feat of unprecedented bravery, two young Ahmedi men overwhelmed and helped capture two armed terrorists from Baitul Noor in Model Town.

Nabeel, just 25-years-old, told The Express Tribune that he entered the building at 1:30 pm before the Friday sermon had started. He recalled that the number of worshipers started to swell around 1:45 pm just before the first few gunshots were heard.

“Immediately after I heard gunfire, I saw the back of the head of one of the terrorists who was attempting to shoot Anwer, the security guard. I understood that he would try to enter the facility next and rushed to close the gate at the entrance. To buy us some time, I asked everyone inside the building to rush towards the basement. Most of the people who were killed were older men because they were not too quick on their feet,” said Nabeel.

“One terrorist who appeared to be in his mid-twenties entered the main hall and started firing indiscriminately at doors, windows and worshippers.

Then he hurled hand grenades and the resulting explosion injured almost everyone who had not made it to the basement.

We had a clear view of the injured people in the hall from where we were hiding. Immediately after the grenade explosion, the terrorist started shooting the injured people who were crying and screaming for help,” he added.

“I could see that the terrorist was injured and bleeding from the head.

He shot at least a dozen people before he fell to the ground. I used the opportunity to seize the man, still wearing his suicide vest. Two other men helped me remove his jacket and disarm him. I held him in that position for nearly 35 minutes waiting for police officials so I could hand him over to them,” said Nabeel.

“I had placed a foot just over the man’s neck to make sure he could not move. He kept telling me that he was in a lot of pain and wanted me to remove my foot.

I removed some pressure and asked him why he had killed so many innocent people. He replied that it was his mission to eradicate all infidels from Pakistan. I could not converse with him further after hearing him say that,” stated Nabeel.

Bilal, who is 21-years-old helped capture another terrorist. He was standing on the second floor of the building and had a clear view of the front entrance when he saw armed men walk into the facility.

“The terrorist looked like he was only seventeen. He threw the hand grenade that killed our patron Lt General (retd) Chaudhary Naasir Ahmad. Then he barged through the front door and made his way up the stairs to the second floor. I was hiding behind a couch. The young man was constantly firing. I had a clear view of everything that was happening. Luckily the terrorist did not see me,” said Bilal.

“I knew I had a brief window of opportunity to act. When the terrorist had his back to the place where I was hiding behind, I pounced and grabbed him and yelled to other people to help me overpower him.

The young man was talking in Seraiki, constantly pleading with us to give him a glass of water. I removed the suicide jacket from his torso with the help of a few people,” added Bilal.

“I understand a little Seraiki. I could tell that the boy was constantly abusing and cursing us for capturing him. I had to wait for half an hour before police officials arrived and arrested the young terrorist,” he said.

Published in the Express Tribune, May 29th, 2010.

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  • Sidra
    May 29, 2010 - 2:21AM

    “Saviours” or survivors of the day?
    Is something wrong with this headline, or is it just me?Recommend

  • Sidra
    May 29, 2010 - 2:24AM

    Sorry, my bad.Recommend

  • Faryal Tahir
    May 29, 2010 - 2:27AM

    Bravo !! I can’t express my hatred feelings for a dying man who said it was his mission to eradicate all infidels from Pakistan. Recommend

    May 29, 2010 - 2:33AM


  • amna
    May 29, 2010 - 2:41AM

    It is only an Ahmadi that could show such bravery and care for a group of people and not just his individual life. Ahmadis are trained since birth to think of the community, country and mankind as a whole. These two brave souls have made every Ahmadi woman, man and child proud of them.

    may Allah bring peace to all those affected by this tragedy. may He stand with the grieving mothers, sisters, wives and daughter tomorrow when there is a Janazah in almost every Ahmadi household. Ahmadis have, are and will always plead for mercy only at one door, Allah,s so God be with us.Recommend

  • May 29, 2010 - 2:45AM


  • May 29, 2010 - 3:04AM

    Its simple madness.We are paing for our sixty three years wrong doing.Recommend

  • qamar
    May 29, 2010 - 3:35AM

    blame on Hamid mieer who said hatred statement on telephone with punjabi tehreek taliban about ahmedi’s…its a response to that callRecommend

  • Farrukh Siddiqui
    May 29, 2010 - 4:02AM

    This stroy starts with:
    ” In a feat of unprecedented bravery, two young Ahmedi men overwhelmed and helped capture two armed terrorists from Baitul Noor in Model Town.”

    There was no need to write Ahmedi…. two brave young men from Lahore would have been more appropriateRecommend

  • May 29, 2010 - 4:37AM

    Personally I do not consider Ahmadis to be Muslims but even then I cannot even fathom this as any excuse to launch or even minutely support such a brazen and inhumane attack on innocent people at their place of worship!

    Things are seriously a mess back in Pakistan. We need to eradicate this hate filled mentality for every other person in Pakistan. We need to get over this hate-filled-paranoia fed to our kids from young age against Ahmadis/Qadiyanis, Jews, Hindus and what not!

    Why our nation forget that the only person to get a Nobel Peace Prize award from this community? If we do not agree with their religious view how dare we ignore their marvellous role for our country?

    My condolences to everyone effected by this tragedy directly or indirectly.Recommend

  • M. Salim
    May 29, 2010 - 7:11AM

    yet another wake-up call for a nation in a morbid state of self-denial. The religious, ethnic and sectarian strife in the country is all self created in the last 60 years and the after effects of which will continue to haunt us unless the silent majority speaks up and condemns in vociferous terms the wrong doing of its leaders and the establishmnet.Recommend

  • asif
    May 29, 2010 - 7:43AM

    The way Ahmedis are targeted in this country makes me feel like the rest of us have been ‘allowed’ by the state to think of ourselves as Muslims. This is disgusting and must stop. I am Sunni and offer my prayers, condolences, and heartfelt apologies to my Ahmedi Muslim brothers and sisters. Inshallah change will come. Reading about a boy whose last words are his mission to murder ‘infidels’ sent chills up my spine, Pakistanis are becoming monsters, worse than animals.Recommend

  • uXuf
    May 29, 2010 - 9:43AM

    @Sidra: Nothing wrong with the headline, the only people “recounting” the tale in the piece are the two young men who saved the day.Recommend

  • IZ
    May 29, 2010 - 10:15AM

    These brave young men must be awarded medals for their courage. Beyond that we must realise how we are breeding hatred within our own country that allows such appalling madness like this to happen. Such sectarian hatred must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.Recommend

  • Impressed
    May 29, 2010 - 10:26AM

    I salute Nabeel and Bilal for saving many a lives. These brave young men are heroes if there ever were ones.Recommend

  • Sabahat
    May 29, 2010 - 11:08AM

    Khuddam-e-Ahmadiyyat!!…. Tumhe Salam!!Recommend

  • May 29, 2010 - 11:10AM

    Ah, once again Pakistan bleeds. Hypocrisy, on majority’s part though. May the innocents who lost their lives, rest in peace.

  • Abhigyan
    May 29, 2010 - 12:15PM

    Kuddos to these two brave men. If we have more of such people, these terrorists will think twice before trying to kill or harm helpless common people. Hats of to these two.Recommend

  • Farid Ahmad Malik
    May 29, 2010 - 12:54PM

    Anwar,the security guard, was brutally killed.Bilal and nabeel did a wonderful job.Had they not bought us enough time,the majority of the 1500 people at model town masjid would have been dead.The terrorist couldn’t discover the basement.I’d not be surprised if they even offered the wounded terrorist a glass of water because that’s what’s Islam’s about.

  • May 29, 2010 - 1:01PM

    No other paper of Pakistan has carried such report.That is why I love to read Tribune.Recommend

  • Farid Ahmad Malik
    May 29, 2010 - 1:05PM

    And the police did nothing compared to what they should have done.I am an eyewitness.The terrorists at Baitul noor Model Town were caught by Ahmedi khuddam.My Uncle(chachu) kept forcing the police to enter the mosque but their coward souls abstained and said the ahmedis have said that they will protect the mosque by themselves from the inside.
    Shame on them!Recommend

  • Salman
    May 29, 2010 - 1:44PM

    Pakistan was founded based on the ideology of the rule of Islam which expressly mean the rule of law. Pakistan was founded for peace not only for the few sects but for all irrespective of their religion or faith.
    In yesterday’s incident we lost innocent Pakistanis. Its beyond my understanding.
    How come such organizations are being allowed to strengthen their roots.
    why these kind of criminals are allowed to play with the lives of Pakistanis.
    From where they are getting the ammunition and arms
    why our secret agencies and army offices are failed to block the supply lines.

    It was told on the news the grenades recovered from these terrorist were Russian made. why our government kept quite and not protested to Russia or to any other country helping such organizations.

    There are many questions but the government putting their all efforts on the 18th amendment case which is beneficial for the PPP & PML(N) equally. Or the rusted NRO cases what a pity.

    In Karachi we lost our Shia brothers and now we lost our Ahmadi comrades, in Chakwal we lost many sunnies. Who we are fighting to.

    Pakistan is for all the Pakistanis not only for born Muslims who may not recite Quran properly.

    This situation is benefiting rulers and that is why they are acting like idiots and in fact are doing nothing.

    May Allah bless our Country (Amin).Recommend

  • Flyingbigbertha
    May 29, 2010 - 2:34PM

    It is shameful & a horrible act that led to this hedious crime. I believe that if we are in cognizance of the teachings in Quran & Our Prophet (PBUH) this idiocity should not have happened.

    Tuff hay asay logon par jo masoon logon ki jan or unko takleef puhchataIn hain chahay woh kisi bhi mazhab say taaluq rakhtay hoon. Recommend

  • Omar
    May 29, 2010 - 6:38PM

    Even though i don’t consider Ahmadies as muslims but i must say the two teenagers acted bravely.Recommend

  • Zunaira Malik
    May 29, 2010 - 10:57PM

    As an Ahmadi girl, I recall the days I looked forward to Friday to attend the Friday prayer at the Model Town mosque, which I simply call Masjid or Bait ul Noor. But the constant security threat received to the Mosque and Ahmadis caused the Ahmadi leaders to disallow women to pray at the mosque on Friday. I have not said the last two Eid prayers at the mosque due to security concerns and felt very angry about it. As much as I were thankful for that yesterday because the destruction would’ve been much greater if women were there, I still feel that the security should’ve been good enough that neither would have happened.. Yesterday, my mother was nagging my brother to go to the mosque to pray when she received a call from my father asking her about him. He forbade us to go to the mosque: It had been attacked and my uncle was trapped inside.
    For three hours afterwards, the people I know were either crying, comforting others, praying, trapped in the mosque or trying to save those inside somehow. Yesterday I couldnt even bring myself to watch television; the news of the mosque I know every part of, being attacked and the people inside being killed made me very sad but probably even angrier.
    The Ahmadis are a community; I even knew the gate keeper there, who was martyred while attempting to stop the terroorists. My father wasnt at the mosque at that time. Hearing the news he went there immediately. When the police failed to take action while innocent worshippers were being martyred, he climbed into the mosque jumping in through a wall. My uncle who was trapped in the mosque narrates that while he hid in the basement they attended to the injured and some did not even move from their places: they were just engaged in prayer.
    For the two boys who captured the terrorist, for all those who’ve sacrificed and for those who were patient I’m just very pruoud of them. And I hope that the Government and police take more responsibility for their lapses that have been ongoing since even before 1972, when we were declared non-muslims.Recommend

  • Abid Agha Khan
    May 30, 2010 - 12:05AM


    What…Ibadat Gah? No. It is a Masjid. A masjid of the Ahmadi Muslims. The Promised Messiah (alihissalam) has been sent to Muslims…and we follow him. He was sent because in this time period, Muslims are going against the true teachings of Islam all around the world, as we see today in these attacks against my community–my community, who love Pakistan, love Humanity, are the most educated in Pakistan (despite having been given nothing), and are the only Muslim sect that has never had a suicide bomber, or any member worldwide hurting humanity in any such way. Allah’s wrath will now descend upon Lahore because he will react like a lioness reacts when you touch her newborn cub. And this saddens me, because Lahore is my city. I am from Model Town. In a Hadith, the greatest man to ever exist, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), said that there will in the latter days, be 73 sects, and only one of them will be his true jamaat. Do the math. Love for All and Hatred for None.Recommend

  • Saeed
    May 30, 2010 - 12:49AM

    We are taught LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE it is the very very big loss for Ahamadiyya Muslim Community our very very beloved ones have been died in it, “wo do not protest on road we have left our case in the court of Almighty Allah”
    Salam to These brave brother who did a wonderful job and save many more lives, we are true Muslims by the grace of Allah…..
    Ahmadiyyat ZindabadRecommend

  • Adil
    May 30, 2010 - 1:03AM

    @Omar: “Even though i don’t consider Ahmadies as muslims but i must say the two teenagers acted bravely.

    Grow up.Recommend

  • Farid Ahmad Malik
    May 30, 2010 - 3:18AM

    This story is not entirely true.Bilal bhai is 25 and both of them helped capture one of the terrorist. The other was caught by saif bhai and muzaffer.
    What Ataa did was commendable also.Pray for him as he is shot in the stomach and is still in hospital.

    A good summary of the incident:There were only 2 or at the maximum but unprobable 3 terrorists.One of them was shot by Anwar,the security guard and he was bleeding.The other 10-odd number of police couldn’t shoot the other one(who shot anwer while he was aiming for the other terrorist) at 10 metre site because they had fled the area not returning until much later and still refusing to enter the mosque.Had they not been coward enough,things could have been different and the casualty figure significantly low.Recommend

  • Umer Chaudhry
    May 30, 2010 - 6:45AM

    I cannot imagine what my friend went through when he received a call at 5:30 in the morning from his father in Pakistan, with the sound of gunshots in the background, telling him in the mere five seconds the call lasted to “just pray.” My friend’s father was shortly thereafter exalted to the status of a Martyr–a status that is held honorably in all religions and granted to the chosen ones by his Creator.

    May 28th, 2010: A day that a handful of cowards, of the lowest form, shamelessly killed sons and husbands who defenselessly prostrated before their Almighty God in prayer. The attacks on the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s mosques in Lahore, Pakistan were nothing short of barbaric. As the Supreme head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community stated in his Friday sermon:

    “These attacks took place in mosques, which are places of worship, and at the time of the Friday prayers which all Muslims know is a holy and sacred time. No true Muslims could ever countenance such attacks, such cruelty and such barbaric behavior. No form of terrorism has any place in Islam and thus those who were behind these attacks may justify their acts in its name, but let it be clear they are Muslim only in name and never in deed.”

    The two simultaneous and coordinated attacks, which claimed the lives of over 100 worshipers, while injuring 150, are the result of systematic persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Pakistan. In 1974, legislation was passed that declared Ahmadi’s to be “non-Muslim” by the Pakistani government.

    Since when did Islam give the right to its adherents to make declarations upon someone else’s faith? Can a Muslim somehow scan a fellow human being’s heart and mind for “Muslimness?” No, God Himself forbids any human from commenting on the faith of another as such matters are between an individual and whomever he/she deems to be the Creator.

    It is obvious that those who take the lives of others, in the delusional hope of attaining paradise, have not read the very text they proclaim to uphold. The gravity of taking human life is best described in the following verses of the Holy Quran: “Therefore we prescribed for children of Israel that whosoever killed a person, it shall be as if he had slaughtered all mankind (5:33).”
    To my Muslim brothers in Pakistan and here in the United States, is it not obvious that such horrific acts go clearly against the basic spirit of tolerance, mercy and justice explicitly present in the Quran?

    To the Pakistani Muslim population, some of whom act as bystanders, and allow their fellow countrymen to be discriminated against– killed without cause. Do you not recall what the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) once said? “Remember, that he who occupies himself in assisting his brother will find Allah coming to his own assistance, and he who strives to relieve his brother of anxiety will find himself shielded against anxiety by Allah on the Day of Judgment.”
    Today if the forefathers of Pakistan were alive, they would be in an utter state of shock. Instead of defending their fellow neighbors, demanding justice from the ruling governments, the masses of Pakistan seem to hide behind a mask of religiosity– a mask that they run to put over their faces as the beam of hatred, and intolerance shines in front of them. When confronted by a situation where their views and actions are questioned they search for a scapegoat, and thus further fuel the perpetuating cycle of self-destruction that awaits their nation.

    It is my hope and prayer that the moderate Muslims strongly condemn these acts, not just by words, but also by action. Repeal those blasphemy laws that directly or indirectly protect, and justify the acts of terrorism and injustice towards citizens of Pakistan. Every day, conferences and rallies are held throughout Pakistan, spreading blatant lies against Ahmadiyyat, instigating violence, and justifying it by declaring Ahmadi’s as Wajibul Qatl (liable to be killed) and promising those who commit such deeds lofty status in paradise.

    Lastly, to the Pakistani government: Rest assured, we will not come out on the streets seeking revenge (don’t be mistaken, we could do that, but our religion-ISLAM advices us otherwise). Rather, it will be our mothers, sons, husbands, and daughters who wake up in the middle of the night to prostate before the Almighty and seek His protection, and His justice.

    Please remember all those who have lost their lives. May Allah give their family members the patients and courage to endure this very difficult time. Humanity demands compassion for those grieving.
    With love,
    -Umer Chaudhry

    “Say to them: It is the Truth from your Lord; therefore let him who will, believe, and let him who will, disbelieve (18:30)”Recommend

  • Mahrukh
    May 30, 2010 - 2:49PM

    Prayers with all those who suffered and lost their loved ones.

    And for all those who say ‘Although we don’t think of Ahmedis as Muslims’… yes, grow up. Islam tells you to have humanity and it is not solely reserved for your chosen definition of Muslims. Be ashamed of yourselves and your statements and learn to think beyond your bigoted mindset. Recommend

  • ryan shah
    May 31, 2010 - 12:19AM

    I can’t tell how much proud we all are of these two brave heroes!what happened on 28th may was one of the most barbaric incident of world’s history!Those who did this are no more than the worst savages!May all those who died rest in peace!My heartiest condolences with those who has suffered tho loss of their loved ones!May God bless us all.Aameen.Recommend

  • Tahir
    May 31, 2010 - 2:06AM

    I don’t have words to express my grief about this religious attack.

    The point which I have noted here is that they are considered as Kafir according to Govt of Pakistan. But they have changed the thoughts of people of Pakistan by their response and reaction after such huge killing of their community members.

    The amazing response is “We are peaceful people and will not protest on the streets, we have left this matter on Allah Almighty and Allah will take revenge from them. Saleem ud din, Ahmadia Spokes person”
    What kind of belief they have in Allah. I am sure that anyone else don’t have such belief in Allah neither Pakistani Nation, any other Muslim country nor even anyone in the world.

    The Head of Ahmadiyya Community is originally from Pakistan, people and relatives who suffered from this incident are from Pakistan but they are different Pakistanis … what peaceful people are they. Just think if someone kill your grand father, father, brother, child or grand child, how can you be saying just a single sentence and then keep quite?? How can you steadfast and obey the sayings of a single person?? They have shown obedience to their Imam, to whom they call their Khalifa.

    What ever anyone say but this obedience reminds me the time of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa PBUH… no example of such obedience is observed after khulfa e rashadeen.

    Why I am saying it religious attack. Because different organizations in Pakistan who use to publish material against them and have given “Fatwa” of their killing and one of the eye witness inside their mosque told me that they suicide attacker was just shouting “Khatam-e-Nabowat Zinda bad” and “Qadianiate Murdabad”. And according to Govt of Pakistan they spent 7 days (21st May to 28th May) in Roywind Tabligh Markaz.

    I will just say “Non Muslims (according to Govt) were performing Jummah Prayers and so called muslims where killing them and leaving farz prayers”. Decide yourself……Recommend

  • Qamran
    May 31, 2010 - 8:07AM

    Thanks to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for initiating these murders.Recommend

  • king
    May 31, 2010 - 8:47AM

    i read these comments sitting here in toronto. although i have so much to say, i wouldnt be wrong if i said that most of you have covered it all. a family member of mine has been lost and i am as hurt and many of you.

    i salute our jama`ats resilience as we lay our trust in ALLAH and shall not retaliate in any physical manner. like the promised messiah and mahdi said that this is the era of the pen, not the sword.

    this is a new beginning for us, and our community and we are satisfied with what ALLAH has given us – for the real reward is in the afterlife. however, the entire nation of pakistan is, without a doubt, heading toward downfall. this madness bears witness to what i say. corruption and terrorism will take you no where but hell – why do you’re leaders not understand this?

    and you know what, its MASJID, not ‘place of worship’ – we pray to the same GOD as you, only ours is the stronger bond. and we are AHMADI MUSLIMS, not a soft minority community, but the TRUE BELIEVERS of our LORD.

    as a final note, to all those who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of their religion, i wish that things wouldn’t be in this painful way, but it is the will of God and however painful it may be today, i know that down the road we will only be proud of such martyrs – each and every one of you lives among our hearts and minds.

    to those enimies of islam, may ALLAH help you. please understand my message and leave this violence behind. lets put all this effort toward making this world a peaceful place to live, and starting an era of brotherhood like the time of the prophet. lets make him proud of his people, not ashamed.

    o you; open your hearts to our message, repent now before the decree of ALLAH.
    to people, do not read this little message of mine and stay put. act now. help this community of people. to non-ahmadi pakistani’s, fulfill your duty to safeguard our religion and not let terrorism take over you.Recommend

  • Syed Nasir Ahmad Shah
    May 31, 2010 - 9:55AM

    History remembers only two colors:
    Black: The ink of scholars
    Red: The blood of martyrs.

    Proud to be an Ahmadi….Recommend

  • Mahboob
    May 31, 2010 - 1:35PM

    I ma shocked and devastated with these tragic incident. I am from Lahore and have been attached with both of the Mosques from my childhood. Can not overcome my sadness. Most of the Ahmadis who are martyed were known to me. They are great people who laid their lives for the truth of Ahmadiyyat. I feel sorry for fellow Pakistanis who chose to stay ignorant and are heading to worst day a head. We can only pray that MAy Allah give them sight to see their bleak future and start to change it.Recommend

  • Ray
    Jun 1, 2010 - 9:44AM

    I feel the govt and police has big responsibility for this event and I admire the determination, bravery and gentleness of Ahmedi community. Even though they represent originally mostly punjabi jats and pathans (least educated races) but their achievements are extraordinary now.
    I salute them for their success in this life. I may not agree with their religious views but I see them a great community that we all should follow for their self reliance and for their no expectations from anyone including the govt.
    I pray for the lost souls and congratulate the young kids for their bravery.
    It was truly a black day for Lahore and Pakistan.Recommend

  • Fuad
    Jun 1, 2010 - 11:45AM

    The heroic efforts of the young Pakistanis is a fine example of our nation’s brave and fearless people. It is people like these whose courageous acts, minimize the losses at such dastardly events. We feel proud of such people because if it weren’t for like them, our nation would have disintegrated in front of the anti Pakistan elements.Recommend

  • Khan
    Jun 1, 2010 - 12:05PM

    ASK Government of Pakistan and Government of Punjab where is that financial compensation to the dead and injured in lahore Ahamdi incidents that is given at least as a gesture of support and which is announced almost immediatly.

    These lots in power are not bad – they are evil people.Recommend

  • Kamal Khan
    Jun 1, 2010 - 2:33PM

    @Omar: Even though i don’t consider Ahmadies as muslims but i must say the two teenagers acted bravely.

  • isokine
    Jun 1, 2010 - 9:36PM

    Kamal Khan,
    Bravery is not to kill the people it in saving them.
    So would say that while you appreciate the young ahmadi boys for their valor,
    You should also condemn the covadice of the attackers who tried to kill these innocent persons who were praying in a sacred place. There was no fault on their part accept that they had different set of belives. But does it justifies their killing.
    Should hindus in India kill muslims because they also have difference in beliefs ?Recommend

  • isokine
    Jun 1, 2010 - 9:48PM

    Kamal Khan,
    Bravery is not to kill the people it is in saving them.
    I would say that while you appreciate the young ahmadi boys for their valor,
    You should also condemn the covadice of the attackers who tried to kill these innocent persons who were praying in a sacred place. There was no fault on their part accept that they had different set of beliefs. But does it justify their killing ?
    Should hindus in India kill muslims because they also have difference in beliefs ?Recommend

  • Ronald
    Jun 2, 2010 - 3:42AM

    It’s is amazing to me that people have the audacity to post their judgmental views of Ahmadi Muslims on here:

    “I don’t consider Ahamdis Muslims…”

    Would you mind giving it a break until we at least get our dead buried? What kind of cruel, rude people are you that you would use this as an opportunity to issue your lame fatwas?

    What you people fail to realize is that the Pakistani laws and fatwas of 1974 and 1984 that called Ahmadi Muslims ‘kafir’ and limited the rights to practice their faith have now led to the toxic, extremist place that is now Pakistan. Until these laws are repealed and Ahmadi Muslims and all other minorities are left alone to practice their faiths, this violence and extremism will only increase and continue to rip Pakistan apart.

    May Allah Reward these two brave khuddam for their heroics and for their restraint in not killing these monsters. Islam Ahmadiyyat Zindabad. No terror or lame fatwas will ever end the mission of the Promised Messiah AS.

    I bear witness that there in no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad – sallalu alaihi wa salaam – is His Prophet and Messenger. (Last I checked this makes me a Muslim, but maybe you wanna-be mullahs know my heart better than Allah)Recommend

  • Conn
    Jun 2, 2010 - 9:48AM

    I may be digressing from the main topic here but also think it is very much related.

    What I fail to understand is how anybody can say, ‘I don’t believe x group or x person is of y religion’.

    It is by the very nature of religion (or any faith tradition) that one mortal may he be a prophet, saint, guru, priest, imam, shura, council cannot declare another mortal of not possessing a certain belief or religion. It is a matter of the heart and mind. It is just not possible to determine anything more or less due to the physical limitations of us mortals.

    If a person says I am a Christian or a Hindu or a Muslim or a sun worshipper – thats it.

    Interestingly, it seems that the prophets, saints, gurus and imams of all religions and faith knew that among their followers there will be certain fickle minded logic challenged people who would not understand this simple concept. So they put in their scriptures and showed it through their actions. And so does Islam in its Holy Book, Koran and its Holy Prophet (PBUH). A couple of references from Koran and Holy Prophet’s saying are below:
    1. Koran says, there is no compulsion in religion:
    2. Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) reaction when a companion penalized a non-believer who claimed to be a Muslim from fear of being killed.

    “True Islam is the books, true Muslims are in the graves”, not sure who said that (may be George Bernard Shaw) – but I hope it is not true.Recommend

  • adnan
    Jun 2, 2010 - 11:09AM

    That’s what happens in the land of the “pure”. This country was a mistake and we’ve got daily massacres to prove it. Recommend

  • Ahamdi
    Jun 2, 2010 - 11:34AM

    Jamat e Ahmdiyat…ZindabadRecommend

  • Usman
    Jun 2, 2010 - 11:42AM

    @ Farrukh Siqiqui
    i still see so much hatred in you that you are not even recognizing ahmadis when they captured the two terrorist. They were Ahmadis first then Pakistani and then from Lahore. Gets your facts straight Mr. It is because of people like you who spread all the hatred that causes all the terrorist activites around the world. Be kind to humans, be kind to the world and start recognizing the facts. History has been written and unfortunately it cannot be changed because of your dirty hypocratic thoughts.Recommend

  • Taimur
    Jun 12, 2010 - 12:09AM

    Shall government of the Islamic republic of Pakistan announce any reward like Sitara-e-Pakistan for these young Ahmdis? This is the first time that any of the terrorist has been held this way. They could not be captured even when they attacked police training school. But why to acknowledge the courage. These are Ahmadis – fourth class citizens of Pakistan who have been deprived of basic rights. Interestingly, second day after attack when teh terrorists attacked teh hospital where teh injured were being treated, they fired, killed many and then it was broadcasted on many news channels that they ran away in police car.Recommend

  • mubahil
    Jun 18, 2010 - 12:04PM

    First of all i should admire the bravery of my ahmedi brothers but i will give most of it credit to ahmedi jammat who goes on taking ehds (promises) from us that i will always remain prepare to sacrifies every think for deen-e-islam,ahmediet and my country and giving such a trained individuals to this country who always think how to work for the betterment of others on any cost (even on cost of our lives) no doubt those individuals are the one who are the most honest among us to fulfill their commitment.
    Secondly i will thanks to my muslim brothers who have shown their hatered dut to ahmedy status of those brave boys, “thanks a lot” as thats what we people expects from you
    as far as the question of what you people think about us (i.e we are non-muslim) so plz keep going as your thinking have no values for us.
    I just want to remind something that what ahmedies have done for pakistan.
    1). Imam Dard sahib was the one who convince quaid-e-azam to go back to sub continent and work for a seperate muslim country.
    2) Immam Jamat-e-Ahmediyya was the first one who forms the Kashmir Committee
    3)At the time of 1947 paertition we cast our vote in favour of pakistan
    4) Sir zafrullah khan was nominated by Quaid-e-azam in boundary commission as representative of muslim leque,was the one who work for resulution passed from U.N.O giving a right to Kashmiries to decide whether they want to attach to PAkistan or India.Sir Zafrullah have also works a lot for uniting muslim countries and always protect the intrest of muslim countries.
    5)We PAkistanis are proud on Chawinda fight(1965) but have we ever dare to tell that this fight is lead by ahmedi commander who despite having the option to comre back refuses to leave the border.
    6) who have move out army to the position till which we have a cahnce to capture whole india and what happen then?
    Their are lots of other heros from ahmediyya jammat like Gen Noori and their are large contribution of jammat to country like Tahir Heart institute, Mehdi HOuspital, Millions of free medical camps every year. Releif work at max on every disaster, Millions of honest work force always order to remain loyal to the country millions other showing the real face of islam if other countries, Billions of prayer for this country and much more but still
    what we got
    Kill them. Worse then Infadel. Non-muslims, Remove from key posts, Erasing kalmas from our mosque,Physicall assult, mental torture.
    but despite this all i would say
    as part of my ehd “i will always remain prepear for all sort of sacrifies for islam, ahmediet and for this country.
    and at last as a whole

  • mubahil
    Jun 18, 2010 - 12:08PM

    sorry for mistakes
    but i want to point out that i have wrongly typed ” who have move out army to the position till which we have a cahnce to capture whole india and what happen then?
    IT is
    who have move out army to the position from which we have a cahnce to capture whole KAshmir and what happen then?Recommend

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