‘I saved my country from nuclear blackmail’

Dr Qadeer says no nuclear-capable country has had its borders redrawn.

Express May 17, 2011

Pakistan achieved “credible nuclear deterrence” on December 10, 1984, and perfected delivery system in the early 90s, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan tells Newsweek magazine in a write-up.

In his first piece written exclusively for a Western publication, Dr Khan says that the West should not be afraid of the country’s nuclear programme. He also boasts of accomplishing a remarkable feat by making Pakistan, “a country which couldn’t produce bicycle chains”, a nuclear capable country and a missile power.

According to him, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons had prevented war with India, which he accused of pursuing a “massive programme” solely for the purpose of serving its ambitions of attaining a superpower status.

“Don’t overlook the fact that no nuclear-capable country has been subjected to aggression or occupied, or had its borders redrawn. Had Iraq and Libya been nuclear powers, they wouldn’t have been destroyed in the way we have seen recently. If we had nuclear capability before 1971, we wouldn’t have lost half our country after a disgraceful defeat,” Khan said.

While Dr Khan said he was not familiar with the latest developments in Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Newsweek published a commercial satellite image, processed by the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security, which it claimed showed accelerated construction of a nuclear complex at Khushab.

The magazine quoted the think-tank as saying that plutonium from the new reactors would allow a “dramatic increase” in weapons’ production, potentially allowing Pakistan to double its annual production of nuclear weapons.

Accusing western powers of orchestrating a false propaganda aimed against Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Dr Khan said: “I would like to make it clear that it was an Indian nuclear explosion in May 1974 that prompted our nuclear programme, motivating me to return to Pakistan to help create a credible nuclear deterrent and save my country from Indian nuclear blackmail.”

The question of how many weapons are required for credible deterrence against India is purely academic. India, he said, would need just five nuclear devices to wreak havoc upon Pakistan, and Islamabad would need only 10 to “return the favour”.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 17th, 2011.


Nabeel Khalid | 11 years ago | Reply @ Vinayak One, we are not engaged in Afghanistan. We don’t have our troops stationed there. And we don’t have 8-12 consulates operating in that country. Hmm.... Now which other country does that remind you off? But of course....India I don’t have time or energy to correct 63 years of stupid media and govt. induced campaigning on all retarded Indians. Please, one day, you'll have to do it yourself. Perhaps that fortunate day, you will also learn the difference between dependent states, reluctant neighbours, troubled isolated areas and occupied territories. Any idiot would know that most of the territories you mention (particularly Eastern European and Central Asian countries) were Russian dependencies and had little or no sovereignty/ independence of their own. China was a reluctant neighbour and had frequent border disputes with Russians. Cubans and Vietnamese were busy in their own troubles with USA, and Afghanistan was an occupied territory. But sadly, INDIA cannot be included in any of the mentioned categories. Besides maybe with Afghanistan to a certain extent. You see, India remained a blood sucking ally of U.S.S.R; and along with Afghans proved to be the reason of Russian demise.... sucking away all the resources leaving its prey impotent and useless. Thank you INDIA and Afghanistan.
Nabeel Khalid | 11 years ago | Reply @ Tariq Aziz Khan "So, What differences THE NUCLEAR CAPABILITY are bringing to Pakistan????" Well, for one, it keeps India at bay.... and frankly thats all required of it. To keep foreign interests away! Nuclear Power is not meant to kill Terrorists or local culprits in one's homeland and it certainly cannot tackle hit-and-run tactics as done by U.S. Please, even a 6-year old would know that. I hope you understand that i would not reply to your curse-filled lame comments. I have a lot of work to do besides answering jibberish. So, please dont bother commenting. Thankyou
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