Gigi Hadid slammed for 'blackening' skin in Vogue Italia photoshoot

Published: May 4, 2018



This month’s Vogue Italia issue has sparked quite a controversy. With models Gigi Hadid and Justin Martin gracing the cover, fans have accused the reputable fashion magazine of darkening the skin of the models, reported The Independent.

Shot by fashion photographer Steven Klein, the supermodel donned a sequinned bodysuit with a gold Dolce & Gabbana crown and statement earrings.

However, many claim that Gigi is “completely unrecognisable” in the cover image – too much editing maybe?

After posting the shot on Instagram, the 23-year-old received a lot of backlash and countless accusations of “excessive photoshop” and “blackening.”



One commenter wrote, “You don’t even look like yourself.” Another puzzled user said, “Is this supposed to be Gigi? Because you photoshopped her into an entire different girl.”

“Another blackface attempt failing miserably,” stated one more.

Some people suggested that Vogue Italia should have considered a model other than Gigi for the cover shoot. “Your worst cover in years. You had to make her look black and her expression is so bad. Just hire a model of colour to do the job,” quipped a user. “There are so many talented and beautiful models out there who could actually make a better cover,” wrote another.

Nonetheless, diehard fans of the supermodel chose to ignore the negative comments and continued to admire Gigi and the cover. “Beauty beyond the face and a personification of strength. Love you so much Gi. And the cover is amazing,” wrote one user.



This is the second time Gigi has come under fire as she has also previously been accused of cultural appropriation when donning the cover of Vogue Italia back in 2015 when she sported an afro-style blue wig.

However, following so much adversity, the supermodel took to her Instagram once again to try and make things right from her end. Posting a picture of herself, Gigi wrote, “This is a photo of me returning home from shooting my Italian Vogue cover on April 3 … you can see the level I had been bronzed to on set that day.”



Gigi went on to explain that she has no control over the creative direction of the shoot nor whatever is done to the picture editing wise. She stated that her control over the shoot ends completely when she leaves the set.

She acknowledged everyone’s concerns and then apologised, “I want to apologise because my intention is never to diminish those concerns or take opportunities away from anyone else.” Gigi hopes that this can be an example to other magazines in the future.

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Junglee
    May 5, 2018 - 6:47AM

    Its politically correct ONLY if you are black and wearing a blonde wig / weave.Recommend

  • Manzoor Ahmed
    May 24, 2018 - 12:33PM

    Just because she spoke against the terrorist state Israel and how they illegally occupied Palestinian lands, killing of children and women, Senior citizens etc…etc….she is being targeted on petty issues. Zionists actually own this whole industry and are creating hurdles in her path. Recommend

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