Meera confirms she is permanently moving to the US

The Nazar star spoke of the numerous scandals she has unwillingly been a part of and the reason she's leaving...

ADNAN LODHI May 04, 2018

LAHORE: One of Lollywood's most well-known artists, actor Meera has decided to leave the country and move to the USA to start a new journey with husband Naveed Pervaiz.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, the Nazar star spoke of the numerous scandals she has unwillingly been a part of, her struggles during her time in the industry and the reason she is leaving Pakistan.

Meera was weeping when she talked about her scandals during the different phases of her career. She said that worst time for her in this industry was when people started laughing at her and humiliating her for her spoken English.


“I am a female who comes from a respectable family. I am someone who has always been true to myself and this industry. But no one cares about that. People would rather mock me and give me a tough time, including the media,” said Meera.

She went on to share the details of her journey within showbiz. “I started my career during a golden time, when there were many talented people in the industry. I was just an ordinary girl who earned fame based on talent and struggles.”

Meera recalled the time when she was at the peak of her career. “There was a time when my name was everywhere. Everyone knew who I was and people looked forward to working with me. I even worked in India and represented our country.”


Sharing her sentiments regarding trolls, the Kasak actor said, “It was very upsetting to see people making jokes about me and mocking me, even at gatherings. It was a very difficult time for me during which I needed love and respect from my people but sadly, that is not what I got.”

“I am proud to be a Pakistani but I have one question from the public and media: ‘Was any of this fair to me? These people did not consider how I was feeling or the problems I was facing.”

Nonetheless, Meera did not forget to mention her true fans. “There were definitely a few people from the media and the public that supported me through my difficult times and kept me going; those who understood my contribution to the film industry are my assets.”


The actor spoke about the scandals she was dragged into with regards to her marriage. She explained that is was very painful for her to witness so many people speaking ill of the relationship. “I was very sad but I just relied on the truth and was always honest. This is the only reason I am as successful as I am today. However, it is time for me to start a new journey with my husband and move to the USA permanently.”

Meera confirmed that she will indeed visit Pakistan regularly and continue to work on the projects she has already signed. “I am an ambassador of Pakistan and being an actor. I will continue working for the respect of my home country,” said the artist.

Talking about fellow actor Mahira Khan, Meera said, "I think Pakistan's film industry is strong now and new talent prevails here. However, I still think there is no need for Mahira Khan in our industry. She was never a star, everyone in the film industry knows what a star should be like, and it’s not Mahira.”


She continued, “Stars always work in crises and I don’t think Mahira is able to work in such circumstances. Our industry needs people like Moammar Rana and Meera – those who are brave. I am sure that the public will soon see many such people in Lollywood.”

Finally, Meera shared how her true fans can keep in touch with her, "I am trying to be an expert at using Twitter now.  I will be available on Twitter for all my fans where I will share my sentiments and opinions.”

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Junglee | 4 years ago | Reply All the best Meera.
Sodomite | 4 years ago | Reply No need to know Mahira Khan. She is way above the standard you can only dream of.
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