FAW J5P-360 becomes PSO’s transport of choice

Faw’s commercial truck JFP-360 becomes an instant hit in Pakistan due to its attractive safety and commercial...

May 08, 2018

China’s first and leading automotive group, FAW Group Corporation introduced its heavy-duty commercial trucks in Pakistan on April 3rd, 2018 through its distributor plus assembler Al Haj FAW Motors (Pvt.) Ltd.

FAW’s J5P-360 Prime Mover, the heavy-duty well-developed truck, has been gaining attention and popularity with consumers since its release. The FAW J5P-360 is sturdy and economical in the class of heavy-duty trucks due to its design and technology.

The promising feature of this truck is safety performance as the cabin is reinforced with steel and fitted with airbags suspension. The suspension, emergency braking system, collision-warning and other features ensure the cabin will not suffer from severe deformation or break away from the frame in case of a violent collision or accident, guaranteeing safety of the driver and passengers inside the cabin.

The star feature of the FAW J5P-360 is the diesel-powered CA6DL2 engine. Researched and developed independently by FAW, it covers 290, 340, 360 and 420 horsepower. The engine, transmission, axle and axle base can be matched and customised flexibly according to the customer’s demands and usage.

It has highly efficient fuel consumption because of its lightweight frame. Furthermore, the FAW J5P-360’s aluminum-air tank gives added mileage for the ultimate performance.Its attractive safety and commercial features have made it an instant hit in Pakistan.

As Pakistan’s largest energy company – its local market share exceeds 50% – PSO has to move thousands of litres of oil and petrochemical products per day across the country in a timely and danger-free manner. The company’s transporting contractor had no qualms about choosing FAW J5P-360 to move the energy products efficiently and safely.

The company has numerous carriers and over 8,000 fuel tankers, which means that there is a huge development potential in terms of quality and customer care. FAW’s overseas team along with the Al Haj FAW Motors (Pvt.) Ltd and the Jie Fang Qingdao Branch, worked diligently, planned elaborately and refined accordingly to grab this opportunity to make FAW J5P-360 as PSO’s carriage contractors first choice of transport vehicles.

Jie Fang FAW J5P-360 beat its competition, that included several rival companies, through its product and service advantages. FAW J5P-360 not only provides quality and excellent service, but also plays an important role in improving PSO’s oil and gas transportation through the PSO carriage contractors. It will seize this opportunity and will collaborate with FAW in future to realise this venture as a win-win situation for both.


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