59% unhappy with 8pm market closure

More than half of all Pakistanis are unhappy with the decision of the government to shut down all shopping areas at 8pm.

Ppi May 28, 2010

More than half of all Pakistanis appear to be unhappy with the recent decision of the government to shut down all shopping areas at 8pm.

According to a Gilani Research Foundation survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 59 per cent of the people were unhappy with the decision while  40 per cent seemed to be unaffected by this decision.

A representative sample of men and women from across the country were asked this question: Recently according to the government’s order all market areas shut down at 8pm. To what extent do you have to face difficulty due to this early closure?

Thirty per cent said they face a lot of difficulty, 29 per cent said early closure of market areas is somewhat problematic, according to 23 per cent it does not create a lot of difficulty, whereas 17 per cent said they face no difficulty due to this decision. The remaining one per cent of the respondents gave no response.

The findings of the survey reveal no significant difference in the opinion of people from across various demographics.

However it is seen that a proportionately higher percentage of people above 50 years of age and women claimed that they did not face any difficulty due to the early shut down of shopping areas.


Nabeel | Create Your First Website | 11 years ago | Reply But the real question is: Did the government measures have any effect in reducing load shedding?
Syed A Mateen | 11 years ago | Reply In the entire developed world all shops are open at 08:00 hours and close at 17:00 hours, except those places which provide emergency services. But in Pakistan shopkeepers has developed a bad habit to open the shops at 13:00 hours and keep the shops open until 23:00 hours and beyond. When the shopkeepers know that country is facing acute shortage of electricity and government has asked them to close by 20:00 hours, they why shopkeepers are making hue and cry to keep the shops open till late in the night. People should understand government’s point of view that if shops will be closed at 20:00 hours, the electricity which will be saved from the shops and commercial plaza can be diverted to residential consumers so that they should not face load-shedding at their residences. The government has taken the case of shopkeepers lightly otherwise the shopkeepers who keep their shops open after 20:00 hours can be booked and sent behind the bars for not enforcing the writ of the government of Pakistan. If people will stop shopping at 19:30 hours, I do not find any reason for the shopkeepers to open their shops beyond the time limit given to the shopkeepers by the government.
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