Rumours of Ali Zafar sending legal notice to Meesha dismissed

The document asks Meesha to apologise in two weeks time

Entertainment Desk April 24, 2018

After allegations of sexual harassment from Meesha Shafi, Ali Zafar expressed that he would be filing a case against the Aya Lariye singer. Ali denied all claims of inappropriate conduct and stated that Meesha's accusations are "baseless."

According to multiple local publications, a notice has been sent to Meesha stating that if she does not issue an apology within two weeks time, Ali will file a defamation suit against her.



Meesha also recently tweeted that she has hired Nighat Dad and Muhammad Ahmad Pansota as her legal counsels for the case.

However, a source close to Ali told The Express Tribune that the notice that has been taking rounds on the internet is fake. "No notice has been sent to Meesha as of yet," revealed the insider. "But we will be sending one today and filing for defamation."

The fake notice mentions that Meesha needs to pay Rs100 million but as per current rumours, the actual amount is more likely to be Rs1 billion instead.

Earlier, the Channo singer broke his silence when Meesha accused him of sexually harassing her. She claimed that the former had behaved inappropriately with her on multiples occasions.

The incident has sparked a #MeToo movement in the country where more women are coming forward sharing their horrific stories.

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Krish | 3 years ago | Reply The culprit should be punished whether in India or Pakistan. I could never think Ali could have done such a thing. He looks quite innocent and family guy. What is the truth we dont know...may truth prevails.
shakeel Mahota | 3 years ago | Reply My contention is that so far only women from the world of showbiz and fashion have joined me-too campaign in our country. this conveys an impression that harassment takes place only in this particular field. What about other fields..??? If we don't hear such accusations from women in other professions, then this will only strengthen our right wing narrative that performing arts lead to vulgarity and all sorts of bad things happening to women.
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