Haleeb strengthens its brand identity with #Knowyourmilk initiative

Published: April 27, 2018
Haleeb Foods
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If you are someone who swears by Haleeb milk, we have good news for you! The Supreme Court ruled on March 9, 2017 that the UHT Haleeb milk is fit for consumption.

In order to raise awareness about the safety of the milk you consume, your favourite brand, Haleeb Foods, has launched the much needed initiative, #KnowYourMilk .


Those of you who follow Junaid Akram must have come across his recent post in which he contested that the food industry should have greater transparency. Haleeb foods, known for its transparency, promptly invited him for a plant visit in Lahore.

On a lighter note, Akram joked that the milk passes through more tests than we do. The cleared milk is then chilled before it is sent to the processing unit. The milk is pasteurised and ultra-heated to kill the bacteria after which it is aseptically filled in containers under a zero bacteria environment.

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You must have heard a lot of people contest that packaged milk contains preservatives. Well, not Haleeb milk. It goes through a homogenization process that does not skim the milk and makes sure it retains essential nutrients.

So, how do they determine the expiry date? Does the cow tell them? That is exactly what Akram asked Haleeb. Basically, milk’s shelf life can be increased by lowering the bacterial count.

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The six layered packaging protects the milk from light and air in order to increase its shelf life. This protection is essential because as soon as the exposed milk’s temperature rises, bacteria start growing in it.

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