PML-N’s social media offensive post perturbs religious minority

Published: April 13, 2018


Since the start of infamous Panama case the rivalry between PML-N and PTI is at peak. Both parties have resorted to mud-slinging and are using social media to malign each other.

But this time PML-N’s social media team stirred a huge controversy by uploading an offensive post against Hindu community.

According to news on India Today, PML-N supporters uploaded a picture of Imran Khan portraying him as a Hindu deity.

Maryam in a battle with PTI for social media supremacy

The purpose of current post is to malign the image of Imran Khan and turn the Muslim majority against him as Khan has earned a huge support of Hindu community. But instead the post backfired.

The incident was even discussed in the parliament. PPP MNA Farhan Laghari highlighted the issue on social media and shared a video of National Assembly session on twitter where the matter was discussed.

Parliamentarians condemned the act and demanded action against perpetrators. Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq also took notice of this post and ordered inquiry.

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