Nawaz Sharif refuses to attend Army briefing

PML-N chief warns that Pakistan will not be able to progress unless the role of ISI and the army is restricted.

Special Correspondent May 12, 2011

ISLAMABAD: PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif refused to attend Friday's in-camera joint session of the parliament in protest against the increasing role of the ISI and army in politics.

During Friday's in-house session, the army chief is due to brief the legislators on the U.S. strike in the Garrison city of Abbottabad and answer their questions.

The military command is said to be taking this parliamentary briefing a lot more seriously than the one it had given about the Swat operation two years ago.

Although Sharif is not a legislator, he was especially invited by the Prime Minister to attend Friday's briefing. However, the PML-N chief said he declined the invitation, adding that Pakistan will not be able to progress unless the role of the ISI and Army is restricted.

As mentioned in a previous report published in The Express Tribune, the military command is expecting a barrage of sharp questions from the political leadership, most notably the opposition led by PML-N’s Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, during the course of the briefing.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan gave a fiery speech this Tuesday, accusing both the military and civilian leaders of incompetence and deceiving the Pakistani people, demanding an independent national commission to investigate the events of May 2, when a US special forces unit killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a ‘black’ operation in Abbottabad.

The PML-N chief, who demanded a judicial inquiry into the Abbottabad security failure, said he is ready to extend his three-day deadline if the government agrees to consider his demand.

Nawaz Sharif, who came under attack after his brother Shahbaz Sharif secretly, met the army chief, assured that there will no more be such secret meetings in the future.


Zubair Shah | 10 years ago | Reply Pakistan is passing through testing epoch of history. We passed through many crests and troughs in the short span of history, but this time is a litmus test for our all the politicians. Kudos to Pakistan government for taking military on same page, indeed it was the need of hour. It is not the time to beat the line when snake has passed, Pakistan history is witness that PPP is the only party faced much anger, anguish and conspiracies by establishment, yet realizing the gravity of situation, PPP did not linger to support establishment. On the other hand the head of right wing bona party, who liked to lick the boots of generals in the past, refused to attend the in-camera briefing just because of personal grudge against a general, I salute PPP that from its foundation to day, establishment bruised it by tooth and nails but it ignored the past follies for the national interest. He had no grudge with generals before Musharraf, because the same military popped him to counter PPP. The same establishment founded IJI and taught him to supersede the incumbent governments through conceived conspiracies. The same Mian Sahib used to say I will accomplish the mission of Zia-ul-Haq. Mian Sahib every one knows your turncoat, please stop setting personal scores and stop playing politics on national issues.
Munir | 10 years ago | Reply Mr. Nawaz Sharif first bring looted money back and then talk about Pakistan
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