Cambridge Analytica worked extensively in India, claims Christopher Wylie

Published: March 29, 2018


Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower Christopher Wylie testified before British lawmakers on Tuesday, and revealed that the company he used to work for had operated extensively in India, The Hindu reported.

According to Wylie, the British company operated a system of ‘modern-day colonialism’ and sought to undermine democratic processes all over the world in collusion with its clients.

The data expert told a parliamentary committee in London that he had worked on a number of projects, and could provide documentation related to the work of Cambridge Analytica in the Hindu-majority country.

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He added that he believed the Indian National Congress was also a client of the data company, stating that CA had offices and staff in India as well.

Wylie described how CA had worked in a number of places all over the world and highlighted one particular instance in Nigeria where video content propagated through the social media had worked like ‘a modern day colonial’ machine.

“This is a company that has gone around the world and undermined the democratic process. You have a wealthy company from a developed nation going into an economy or democracy still struggling to get its feet on the ground and taking advantage of that,” he testified before the lawmakers.

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Wylie’s testimony is the latest in a series of dramatic developments that brought together questions about Brexit, Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and the election of US President Donald Trump.

“Christopher Wylie was a part-time contractor who left in July 2014 and has no direct knowledge of our work or practices since that date,” Cambridge Analytica said on Tuesday, as Wylie gave testimony.

This article originally appeared in The Hindu

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