Sharif unlikely to launch any movement against government

PML-N in a fix over who to appoint in place of chief, who is still recovering from surgery.

Abdul Manan May 12, 2011


Although Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Chief Nawaz Sharif has called for a judicial probe into the Abbottabad operation that killed Osama bin Laden, he is not likely to launch any mass movement over the issue because of his ill health.

He is reported to have told his party workers that he cannot address a public gathering in this time because his doctors have told him to take rest for five to six weeks.

The party chief has given the government three days to constitute a commission to probe the May 2 incident.

The sources said that the PML-N is in a fix about who to appoint in place of the party chief, in case the Pakistan Peoples Party-led government fails to constitute the commission.

Many names have been suggested and some members have selected Leader of Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to lead the party’s future course of action. However, many people are opposing Chaudhry Nisar’s selection. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif may also take his brother’s place till his condition gets better.

“I have not fully recovered after my cardiac surgery,” Sharif said to senior party members at the end of the two-day consultative meeting of his party in Islamabad, sources said.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 12th, 2011.


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Mirza | 10 years ago | Reply Sharif may not be the smartest politician but he is not idiot. He would never let the army generals (who are under fire) use him to save them from humiliation. Everybody knows that: Army has committed multiple acts of high treason. Surrendered instead of ever fighting against any invader. Usurped the resources of the country without any useful work. Designed and built custom home for OBL and kept lying about his presence in Pakistan. This building and OBL residence was established in 2005 and has nothing to do with any civilian govt past or present. Only army and ISI was involved in this dirty game. Never let any report on Kargil fiasco come out, nobody in the army took responsibility. Abject, shameful surrender of East Pakistan, again Humood Rehman report could not come out as it exposes the actions of army in its "own country and people". Army has taken military action against every popular political and nationalist party. Be that Awami L, National Awami Party, PPP, MQM or nationalist and popular leaders of Sind, Baluchistan, or KPK. I can keep going but the readers would get the point. Some of the military touts make it a profession to bash the elected leaders to divert the failure and duplicity of the army. However, none of these "defective" leaders ever committed multiple acts of high treasons and killed their own countrymen and protected the worst terrorists in their garrison. For the Islamists and Ghairat brigade, there is no concept of mercenary army in Islam. No army in the days of our prophet was living in this kind of luxuries vs. the common people and common soldiers. The high status, DHA, clubs, golf courses, and other perks are far from being Islamic. Why not use religion card against army officers for a change?
Syed Imran | 10 years ago | Reply Why should Sharif launch a movement, he knows the people are not with him as they are fedup of these unreliable politicians.
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