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Published: March 25, 2018

KARACHI  : Cricket has evolved from a sport to a full-fledged entertainment opportunity with the T-20 format and the formal franchise model of Pakistan Super League (PSL) making its mark on not just the game but also in the hearts and minds of every Pakistani.

This year we saw more merchandising, a lot more PSL centric content on TV and radio as well as game shows and competitions online plus the many deals by local and foreign businesses and we loved it.



More celebrities were spotted on ground this year with the likes of Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed showing up to cheer Karachi Kings on, whereas Peshawar Zalmi brand ambassadors Mahira Khan and Hamza Abbasi were also seen frequently during the matches. We saw Fawad Khan and Faisal Qureshi make a few appearances as well as one of the Hocane sisters.

All this only goes to show that PSL has garnered universal and ageless appeal. With this barrage of flare also came lots of music. We saw almost all the franchises and few brands put out a song or two.
So, as this year’s PSL comes to a (not-so) shocking wrap today, we thought we would take a quick look at the best music that came this year because PSL’s contribution to music and vice versa.

5. Zafar’s Dil se Jaan Lagade

This year’s anthem was Zafar’s Dil Se Jaan Laga De and honestly, not too impressive. Partly because it resembles a certain Coldplay song way too much and also because it’s almost repetitive. Zafar’s attempt for the debut season Ab Khel Kay Dikha was terrific and then Ab Khel Jamay Ga was well liked last year because it was very familiar, same-same-but-different. There is way too much “ab” and “phir” happening.

Honestly one is unable to tell the difference anymore between the three songs save the beautiful Viva-esque chorus that echoes during the current edition’s matches. That said, it is a good enough song and we love Zafar and his amazing voice and energy!

4. Faakhir and Aima Baig’s Agae Shaan Se Hum for Quetta Gladiators

The Baazi girl looks stunning and by the way so does everyone else! Okay, Faakhir maybe has a bit too much makeup but overall this song and video are a visual treat. Full marks for stylising the players to look larger than life and stunning and makes us doubly sad that they are not in the finals.

The simple song construction and lyrics are what make this song good. Song energy could have been better. Bonus: No forceful insertion of city name. As relevant as they may be, they come in the way of good music. All in all a good pleasant song with some lovely moments.

3. Zafar’s Kitna Rola Dalega for Islamabad United

It is catchy for sure. The lingo is more Pindi boys then Islamabad and none of the lyrics strictly apply to the people of the city but then who is to say that the team should not have a nationwide appeal versus city. Stark contrast to the approach taken by rest of franchises but this can be overlooked because it’s a good fun, punchy song.

Very relatable. Even cute on occasion. The video could have been better but definitely playlist worthy and definitely palatable even on repeat.

2. Call’s Hum Zalmi for Peshawar Zalmi feat Leo Twins

Reminiscent of Faakhir and Faheem Alan Faqeer’s previous Quetta Gladiators Chaa Jaaye Quetta but a lot punchier, powerful, cleaner, crisper and far more memorable.

Oh and we are loving Call’s energy – right from the starting piece. Junaid steals the show in the video and that’s saying something if you know who all is in it. Packed with the right energy, this song has all the ingredients of a team anthem.

Actually this is the only chant that one can comfortably to repeat, listen on repeat, hum and not get annoyed. The Pashto pieces, are a classy touch and overall this song is an outstanding PSL song. And we haven’t even discussed the awesomeness of Mahira . All in all, amazing music, cultural flavour, five star video and perfect sound that has playlist potential.

1. Aaroh’s Jeet

This explains why some songs are called foot tapping numbers. Tap. Tap. Tap. Where is all this energy coming from? It’s like they packed the eight nine odd years hiatus into one thumping racy punchy number and you can’t stop listening to this song; can’t stay still when its playing.

Can’t stop singing along when it’s on. Also can’t get over the fact that this song actually has nothing to do officially with PSL. On second thought, not really bothered by that because this is such an awesome song! Perfect in every way, note, riff down to the tee. It has got all the right messages rolled into the perfect umm…well… kabab roll.

This song gives you World Cup flashbacks when you close your eyes. Or even when you open them, to stare at the riveting video. Do watch it to see if “that” iconic cricket moment features in it. It mostly does!

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