Man who faked wife's murder held in Islamabad

Published: March 24, 2018

ISLAMABAD: A man who strangled his wife to death and made attempts to cover up the murder was held in Islamabad on Saturday.

The man, identified as Muhammad Rizwan Kiani, took the body to a hospital on Thursday along with her wife’s file showing her as an asthma patient and told doctors she had died due to a breathing problem.

The doctors, however, found bruises on the woman’s neck and spotted other signs which suggested foul play. Police said Kiani later confessed to strangling the 24-year-old woman.

“The victim had breathing problems. He gave her sleeping pills and later strangled her to death during her sleep,” a police officer told The Express Tribune. “Because she was sleeping, there was almost no resistance.”

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The man, however, claimed that he had killed his wife because of her extra marital relations with two men who used to visit their house.

Police, however, rejected the statement. “The suspect also allegedly tried to kill her in the past,” said the officer.

The couple married in 2007 and had three kids; two daughters and a son. According to the woman’s brother, Kiani had started mistreating his wife soon after the marriage, but she was putting up with it for the sake of her children.

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