Internet slams Jacqueline Fernandez for ruining Madhuri Dixit's iconic 'Ek Do Teen'

A faithful replica of 'Ek Do Teen'? You can't be serious!

Entertainment Desk/ IANS March 21, 2018

MUMBAI: Let's not mince our words. Jacqueline Fernandez is a very beautiful girl. But she's no Madhuri Dixit. No one could ever be Madhuri Dixit. Not by a long, long shot.

When Madhuri dances, the world stands still. One cannot help but stare at how those graceful movements are flowing out of such diminutive limbs.

Although the legendary star has many iconic dance songs to her credit, Ek Do Teen from the 1988 hit Tezaab is the ultimate item number. It arguably launched the young Madhuri's career, as she strutted her stuff clad in a fluorescent pink, one-shoulder outfit that became the envy of every 20-something girl back then.

Fast forward 30 years and we've got Jacqueline, whose repertoire and range of facial expressions ranges from A to B, as opposed to Madhuri's A to Z. The Houseful starlet has just released the video for a "remake" of the original Ek Do Teen, dressed like Madhuri albeit with a choli a lot skimpier than the former's.

Unfortunately, the choli is literally the only thing that you'll take proper notice of in the entire song. Or maybe how skinny Jacqueline has become over time. But that's not the point. The point is that she doesnt have even a little bit of Madhuri's bridled comehither-ness to offer in this act of brazen seduction.

This is perhaps the millennial Ek Do Teen. The item girl comes on stage, slips off her jacket to reveal a barely-there top (the outfit changes at least three times in the two-minute video) and launches into a convulsive jig as though to say, "Madhuri was yesterday's. I am today's!"


But sadly, she fails to become much of an 'item.' And the internet agrees!

What makes things worse is that Jacqueline isn't as talented a dancer as most of her Bollywood contemporaries, Madhuri the lease of all. Tragically, her movements convey not even an iota of Madhuri's fluid grace.

Now, no other actress would seriously try to re-do Sridevi's Hawa Hawaai. But a faithful replica of Ek Do Teen? You can't be serious!

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Blue whale | 3 years ago | Reply if you are a success all past mistakes are forgiven. this is the case of MD . in her days this dance was considered vulgar and crass .
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