'Pakistan has not been isolated after Abbottabad operation'

Speaking in the Senate, Gilani said that many countries have supported Pakistan in these "trying times".

Express May 11, 2011

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Wednesday said Pakistan has not been isolated after the Abbottabad operation and that the country is united on its foreign policy.

Speaking in the Senate, Gilani dispelled the impression that Pakistan has been isolated, saying that the European Union, United Kingdom, China and Arab world have all supported Islamabad in this "trying time".

Gilani said Pakistan must not allow its territory to be used by terrorists, as failure to do so will allow the West to raise more questions.

Addressing the Upper House of parliament, the prime minister added that he was informed by the army chief about the US raid in Abbottabad in which Osama Bin Laden was killed.

He said that it should be kept in mind that Bin Laden was not a Pakistani.

Stressing upon unity, the prime minister asked senators to formulate a national security policy.

Gilani said the armed forces have made sacrifices in the war on terror and are committed to defend the country.



ashfaqueshah | 11 years ago | Reply tell us the truth..
Satyameva Jayate | 11 years ago | Reply My dear Pakistani friends, A scorpion wanted to cross the river but obviously could not swim. It told a tortoise, can you help me cross the river. The Tortoise refused saying that you will sting. The Scorpion said God Promise - I will not do it and begged and begged. Half way down the river, the Scorpion stung the Tortoise and as both of them were drowning, the tortoise asked- why? Between its drowning breath, the Scorpion said - can't help it, it is in my nature to sting. The moral of the story is that helping Terrorists - be they good or bad or ugly is bad. The nature of the terrorism is pure terror. India faced this when we trained the LTTE in the 80s. The only way forward for ISIis to reject all forms of terrorism be it against India or elsewhere and get rid of this existentialist threat syndrome that so engulfs its army.
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