Women are happier yet more anxious than men: survey

70 and 74 years old is the happiest age group and also least anxious in the most recent survey

News Desk March 12, 2018
Women boast higher life satisfaction than men but are more anxious, survey finds. PHOTO COURTESY: INDEPENDENT

Women to have higher levels of life satisfaction than men, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in September 2016 and 2017. Latest figures also show higher levels of anxiety during the period.

Happiness levels have steadily risen since 2011 in England according to Silvia Manclossi, head of the quality of life team at the ONS, The Independent reported.

ONS life satisfaction survey findings of 2016 on brain and behaviour showed that women were twice likely to be affected by anxiety disorders as compared to men.

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Survey displayed aged 16 to 19 boasted the highest levels of life satisfaction.

Golden era for happiness seems to be evident in later life with the happiest age group and also least anxious in the most recent survey being those between 70 and 74 years old.

Some experts say women being working mothers and consequently facing intensified stress levels can be a reason.

“Factors such as people’s social connections and health status play an important part in personal well-being,” Silvia Manclossi said.

Manclossi added: “However, some economic factors are also important, so perhaps this trend over time is not surprising as the country came out of the economic downturn.”

Happiness levels have varied theatrically between generations since 2011.

The article originally appeared in The Independent


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