Healthy activity : Dozens march up the Trail - 3

Published: March 11, 2018
Youth take part in a health awareness walk on Trail-3 of Margalla Hills. PHOTO: AGENCIES

Youth take part in a health awareness walk on Trail-3 of Margalla Hills. PHOTO: AGENCIES

ISLAMABAD: To create and promote health awareness in society, a hiking trip was organised by Islamabad Medical and Dental College (IMDC) which took place in Trail-3 at Margalla Hills, Islamabad.

A large number of students, teachers, media professionals and members from different walks of life participated

The aim of this activity was to improve health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The day started off with a cool temperature, but as the day progressed sunshine finally took over. The first destination was Daman e Koh, from where the which hike started with full enthusiasm.

Participants were mesmerized with the sheer natural breathtaking beauty of the trail and its surroundings. The participants trekked the trail, making their way through the rocks. Water bottles and refreshments helped them to sustain themselves as the grueling trek depleted their energy and stamina. Plastic bags and gloves were handed to every participant for the collection of disposable garbage on the way up.

Trail 3, 5 most popular for hiking in Margallas

A small ceremony of the event was held highlighting the need to be kind and considerate towards mother nature and raise health awareness  FurthermorE souvenir shields and certificates were presented to the representatives of the participating organizations.

A refreshing and appetising brunch was served at the end, which was enjoyed by everyone.

Speaking on the occasion IMDC Managing Director Yasir Akbar Niazi said in his address that the function of education is to bring change in student’s behaviour and personality in a more desirable form. Development of student’s body and mind demand proper nurturing of its physical and intellectual qualities as few of the major determinants of their personality.

IMDC’s idea behind providing such activities like hiking is the building up of the individual personality as well as training of their mind that may facilitate academic achievements of the students. The hiking trip concluded joyfully leaving being in its trail some beautiful of beautiful memories for the participants. 

Published in The Express Tribune, March 11th, 2018. 

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