Multan student runs away after being scolded for using Facebook

The local police have registered a case and an investigation is underway

Owais Qarni February 28, 2018
The local police have registered a case and an investigation is ongoing. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

MULTAN: A ninth grader has left his home, after his parents scolded him for using Facebook in a Multan school on Wednesday.

Abdullah Muzaffar, 13, was caught using the social networking website by one of his teachers, who subsequently complained to his parents, police said.

According to the teacher, Muzaffar would be distracted during class lecture owing to usage of Facebook.

As a result, his parents admonished him leading him to  run away from home.

A complaint has been lodged at Gulgasht police station on his disappearance and an investigation was underway.

Teenager commits suicide in Haripur after parents confiscate mobile phone

On March 11 last year, a teenage boy tragically took his own life in Haripur district after his parents confiscated his mobile phone.

Ali Zaman, the father of the deceased, said his son Aqeel Ahmed, 18, was studying at a private college in Haripur. He went on to add how teachers had complained of Ahmed’s excessive phone usage during class hours.

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“Teachers had punished him on several occasions for using his phone. They then told us to restrict his access to his cell phone,” said Zaman, who is the resident of Village Alooli.

When Zaman finally decided to confiscate his son’s cellphone, Ahmed didn’t take the decision too well. On Friday evening, the boy consumed rat poison in a bid to commit suicide.

He was first taken to Teaching Hospital Haripur and later shifted to the Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad. However, doctors were not able to save his life.