Psychologists: ‘Controlling anger can yield better results’

Speakers highlight negative impacts of anger

Our Correspondent February 28, 2018
Controlling anger can produce better results PHOTO: REUTERS

MULTAN: Controlling anger can produce better results. Anger can be turned into a positive emotion if managed carefully.

These views were expressed by psychologists while addressing a session conducted on “Anger Management” at Police Training Institute in Multan on Tuesday.

A large number of police personnel and other officials were present.

On the occasion, Psychologist Munaza Manzoor Butt told the participants about various causes of anger, how it affects temper and how it affects the performance of police personnel.

She said, “Anger is like a fire that eats up all the vocational performance of police personnel.” She added, “When someone loses brain and focus on shouting instead of focusing on work, it affects the results negatively.” Another Psychologist Rabia Naz described the impacts of anger on health and the diseases caused by anger such as headache, high blood pressure and anxiety.

She said, “Controlling anger can provide better results.”

Another speaker Attique ur Rahman said sometimes, while performing their duties, the police officials face radical reaction by people. “At this time, a calm police officer can handle the situation in a better way while an annoyed and angry policeman can further deteriorate the situation,” he said.

The speakers directed the police personnel to control their emotions as it was the demand of their profession.

At the end, question and answer session was held in which police personnel shared their on job experiences and asked for guidance.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 28th, 2018.