The al Qaeda question

Osama may have been given away by his deputy, Egyptian doctor Ayman alZawahiri.

Editorial May 08, 2011
The al Qaeda question

For years, we have been taught to regard al Qaeda as a powerful organisation, capable of carrying out attacks like 9/11. Since then, partly as a result of US-led media hype, the body has continued to be regarded as a threat to the entire world, led by the evil figure of Osama bin Laden, who was seen by younger extremist elements as a kind of demi-god.

We now learn that al Qaeda may, in fact, have been the victim of bitter infighting and that Osama may have been given away by his deputy, Egyptian doctor Ayman alZawahiri, who many believe has been one of the chief masterminds behind al Qaeda operations. It seems he is also a man with ambition. According to a report in a Saudi newspaper, Zawahiri may have acted as a player in the action against Osama, and the courier who led US forces to him may have been his man. The purpose, it appears, is to facilitate a takeover of al Qaeda by an Egyptian faction. It is also thought Zawahiri may have begun to put his plan in action as early as 2004, when Osama became unwell.

We have, then, a divided organisation. Who knows how many splinters exist within it, what their agenda is and what role they play. In recent years, the encouragement given to all kinds of other groups, ranging from the sectarian to those with other lines of thought, has been the main role played by al Qaeda. These outfits have been operating under the large al Qaeda umbrella. But we are now beginning to learn that this canopy may have developed a great many holes, bringing it to a point where it may be falling apart. Zawahiri himself will be aware that the hunt may now centre around him. Who knows if there is someone waiting in the shadows, ready to give him away and, by doing so, taking al Qaeda one step closer to complete disintegration.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 9th, 2011.


Shaheen Osmani | 13 years ago | Reply Alqeeda followed a wrong line against the spirit of Islam.Had they prpogated the true spirit of Islam,half of America,Europe would had been if not Muslim,friendly to Islam and Muslims.It was never the right way to spread Islam and our enemies within and outside benefited to malign our greatest Islam
PaulS | 13 years ago | Reply Obama is not the best President, but he is improving
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