Farmer bites off snake's head for 'revenge' in India

Doctors did not find any snake-bite marks on the farmer as claimed by him

News Desk February 21, 2018
The doctor did not find any bite marks on the farmer as claimed by him. PHOTO COURTESY: ANI

In a rare occurrence, a man in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh bit off a snake’s head with the intention of, what he called, taking revenge.

The man, identified as Sonelal and a resident of Hardoi disctrict, claimed that the snake bit him which led him to chewing its head in anger before spitting it out.

The farmer then fell unconscious and was rushed to a community health care. However, doctors did not find any snake bites on him.

According to Sonelal, he was grazing his cattle when the animal got hold of him.

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“The man's neighbours Ram Sewak and Ram Swaroop claimed that Sonelal had been bitten by a snake. So, we started looking for bite marks but could not find any,” said pharmacist Hitesh Kumar.

The attending doctor Mahendra Verma added. “Sonelal turned unconscious because of consuming the snake's body part which may have contained venom, assuming it was a poisonous snake.”

Meanwhile, locals said the farmer was addicted to drugs.

This article originally appeared on Times of India.


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