National Ka Pakistan: A multi-sensorial treat for culture enthusiasts!

Published: December 26, 2017
National Foods
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National Ka Pakistan just wrapped up its fifth season and it seems like it was on a mission to kick your wanderlust into overdrive. With picturesque shots from all over Pakistan, live  musical masterpieces by Shuja Haider and a plethora of delectable platters from all over the country, National Ka Pakistan is a multi-sensorial display for the viewers.

Chef Saadat embarked on a culinary journey that had generous servings of history, colonial architecture, music and a buffet of desi delicacies. He managed to pull you in, one episode at a time. The season perfectly ties together the antiquated and history-laden ruins of Taxila to the tranquil disposition of the Buddhist Monument and the religious statements of the shrines in Sindh. The composition was pleasing to both the eyes and ears.

What makes this travelogue an above average experiential account is the realness of the nostalgia arousing moments that make the audience reminisce wistfully. The cordiality with which Chef Saadat and Shuja Haider are welcomed in different parts of Pakistan is a perfect example of subcontinental hospitality and the innate connection we, as Pakistanis, feel towards each other. The warmth of the locals, with their infectious smiles and proud eyes, as they share pieces of their heritage radiates off the screen.

Chef Saadat’s interminable love affair with food is evident in every single episode of the season. It is a treat on its own to see him relish every bite as he trots around Pakistan in his quest to read the historical and cultural chapters of our country. Eating freshly cooked fish by the sea, tasting adventures with a tinge of kheer in Jhelum, indulging in chola and naan in a roadside dhaaba, Chef Saadat manages to give us serious vicarious thrills and a burning appetite for Pakistani food.

The season highlights Pakistan’s understated and often underestimated beauty that is rich in historical and religious context. From the treacherous mountains of Balochistan, to the delicacies of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa; from the lush meadows of Punjab to the quiet yet spiritual shrines of Sindh, National Ka Pakistan is a harmonious and seamless marriage of the four provinces. Each episode of the show is a captivating exhibition of how this harmony of the four rich provinces makes one great nation bubble with culture, history, food and music.

Apart from being a great initiative by National Foods for local culture and history enthusiasts, National Ka Pakistan is a reality check for the viewers abroad who have a rather distorted image of Pakistan due to perpetual exposure to a media saturated with negative and violent images of the country.

In a nutshell, National Ka Pakistan is a commendable effort by a brand to not only give the locals a decent dose of vicarious thrills and a comprehensive guide to Pakistan, but also a reality check to anyone who thinks Pakistan is anything less than spectacular. So if you are perpetually infected by the travel bug and have an insatiable thirst for culture, National Ka Pakistan is your fix!

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