How can a convicted person head a political party, asks India's top judge

Says a reform to put a ban on convicted person would coincide with its past judgments shaming corrupt politics

News Desk February 20, 2018

The chief justice of India has questioned the logic behind appointing a criminal and corrupt person as the one heading a political party.

Justice Dipak Misra termed such an occurrence a massive blow to the purity of the election process, The Hindu reported.

Far worse is the prospect of democracy when such a corrupt person leading a political party has the power to have candidates who would run for elections under his organisation's banner, he observed while heading a three-judge bench.

The court went on to add that a criminal deciding who the people should opt for, by itself, is against the basic norms of democracy.

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"How can a convicted person be an office-bearer of a political party and select candidates to contest elections? This goes against our judgments that corruption in politics [are] to be ostracised from the purity of elections," Justice Misra said, addressing the government and the Election Commission of India.

"So, is it that what you cannot do individually [that is contest elections], you can do collectively through some of your agents" the Chief Justice asked.

"A man cannot directly contest an election, so he constitutes a group of persons to form a political party and contest an election. People can form an association of people to do philanthropic activities like have a hospital or a school. But when it comes to the field of governance, it is different," he said.

The Indian top court said a reform to put a ban on convicted person from becoming members of political parties would coincide with its past judgments shaming corrupt politics.


Khan | 6 years ago | Reply @AJ: You need to look up definition of convict then. How else was he ousted.. He was convicted of a crime he committed intentionally by misleading his voters and government agencies such as ECP with his assets .. Look up for videos of his family denying having any properties in London only to be caught lying through Panamagate. Please bear in mind I'm not a political person hence will always support whoever is better for the country and whoever is not dragging the society to stone age.
Rex Minor | 6 years ago | Reply @Haji Atiya: The judiciary is usualy slow to announce justice in most parts of the world, Pakistan is no exception. Rex Minor
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