Perms are making a comeback but this time, with a twist

Permed hair ruled the 80s and celebrities like Olivia Newton John, Julia Roberts sported the hairdo with utmost grace

Entertainment Desk February 03, 2018

The voluminous permed hair look ruled the ‘80s and celebrities such as Olivia Newton John, Julia Roberts, and even the queen of pop Madonna, sported the hairdo with utmost grace.

The hairstyle is making a return, but, what’s even better this time around is that it is not really following the "higher the hair, closer to god" mantra anymore. According to Hollywood celebrity stylist George Papanikolas, the salon service is gaining popularity for its ability to give clients a natural wave or bend in the hair, reported InStyle.


"The perms trend back in the ‘80s had extra volume, tight waves, curly bangs, and lots of hairspray paired with a scrunchy or headband," says Papanikolas. "Back in the '80s, the perm looked frizzier with lots of back combing."

Today it’s more about the beachy look, like the one you see on Victoria’s Secret models or even the tousled, effortless-looking waves that show up on nearly every red carpet.

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"There are also modern techniques where it can be straighter at the top half with the bend in the hair starting at the mid length and ends. The other big change is using a larger rod to create a loose, soft bend in the hair. We've also seen a big shift away from the over styled curling iron waves to a more natural air-dry texture,” adds Papanikolos.


The size of the rod directly correlates to the result you get. If you used a smaller rod, Papanikolas says you’d get a look similar to Halle Berry’s, while something larger will give you something like Kim Kardashian’s messy hair look or the waves seen on Erin Wasson.

And while it can be customised for everyone, Papanikolas warns perms can be difficult to achieve on heavily highlighted hair. "The streaks on the hair that are highlighted with bleach have different porosity than the strands that aren't highlighted, so they can take the curl unevenly," he explains.


“Another option for those with heavily highlighted hair is a thio-free perm—a service that uses a different chemical to break the bonds in the hair—which are less damaging but don’t tend to last as long.

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