Embassy receiving threats after Bin Laden raid: Haqqani

Ambassador to the US says Pakistan would be conducting an inquiry into how such an intelligence lapse occurred.

Express May 05, 2011

WASHINGTON: Pakistan's ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani said that he and his embassy were receiving threatening phone calls and emails since the US raid that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in the garrison town of Abbottabad on Sunday.

Haqqani was speaking during an interview on the US television channel ABC news with Charlie Rose. He said that the threats proved Pakistan's contribution to the war on terror, adding however that it was unfortunate that Pakistan's contributions were ignored but only the failures were highlighted.

"I'm getting threatening phone calls. My embassy is getting threatening phone calls...Instead of recognising what Pakistan has contributed, the failure is being pointed out," Haqqani said.

Haqqani emphasised that Pakistan would be conducting an inquiry into how such an intelligence lapse occurred. He said that it was important to reassure people that Pakistan did not look upon Bin Laden favourably.

The ambassador said that if the US has intelligence that Mullah Omar is in Pakistan, then Pakistan has to take it seriously and work with the US to locate him and everyone else connected to global terrorism.

Haqqani admitted that there was a mistrust between Pakistani and US intelligence agencies and that both countries were working very hard to dispel that. On the issue of sovereignty, Haqqani said that that Bin Laden had also been infringing on the country's sovereignty and that it was time for Pakistanis to wake up and stop making excuses.


Sadia | 10 years ago | Reply well, didn't Mr. Haqqani issued thousands of visas without intelligence approval? Serves him best!
Ain | 10 years ago | Reply @Raja: Don't try to be so innocent Mr.Raja. You all know very well about what you have benifited from all of this chaos going on in Pakistan. If you don't know then better know that your so called Intelligence agency RAW has most of the times got caught in bomb attacks and other fatal plans against Pakistan. There had been proves for it. What about attack on Srilankan team and then the propaganda to prove Pakistan not a safe country to play cricket in just to destroy it's economy. There are hundreds and thousands of such examples against you people since Pakistan came into beginning. Look before you speak.
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