Peacock barred from boarding US flight

However, the traveller was granted the permission to buy a ticket for the bird

News Desk January 31, 2018

NEW JERSEY: A female traveller was banned from taking a huge “emotional support peacock” on board a United Airlines flight.

According to travel blog Live and Let Fly, the traveller was open to buy a ticket for the bird.

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However, the airline did not allow the bird, who is known as Dexter, to board as it did not meet the required guidelines due to its weight and size at the Newark airport in New Jersey.

Photographs started to emerge of the bird and its owner, trying to fly to Los Angeles via The Jet Set, a travel-based talk show.

After long six hours at the airport, the beautiful bird and its owner made a decision to travel by road across the US.

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Airlines usually grant the permission to animals to travel with passengers with emotional or psychiatric problems for therapy reasons.

This case of emotional support from animals have been increasing in recent times, creating a stir that people are abusing the system as an excuse.

If Dexter was allowed to travel on board, the peacock would have joined a group of jet-set birds.

This article originally appeared on the BBC.


Saad | 6 years ago | Reply Peacocks are beautiful but aggressive birds. Their claws and beaks are powerful and can do serious damage.
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