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Rana Tanveer May 25, 2010


The Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) on Tuesday inaugurated the ‘Millat Facebook’ website as an alternative to the banned social networking site.

An advertisement on the webpage read, “Millat Facebook helps you connect and share with more than 1.57 billion Muslims and sweet people from other religions.” The Public interest litigation forum’s Judicial Activism Panel (JAP) has developed the website and launched it as a platform for users who were unhappy about not being able to use Facebook since the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned it under court orders. In a ceremony held at the LHCBA the chairman of JAP, Advocate Muhammad Azhar Siddique displayed the webpage (www.millatfacebook.com) for the first time.

He urged internet users to sign up with the new website and connect with people who wanted harmony and were tolerant of religious sensibilities. The move is meant to convey to disgruntled users of the blocked site that the bar is not against the use of modern technology, but only insists on respect for a user’s religious beliefs. Azhar expressed his disappointment that no political party had stepped forward in condemning the sacrilegious contest. He requested government officials to take up the issue at the International Court of Justice and stop similar future initiatives.

He stated that the JAP had every intention to take up the matter with the United Nations very soon. Mian Qudoos, the president of the LHCBA, addressed participants at the seminar and stated that the issue of sacrilegious internet c0ntent had distracted the attention of the government and the people from real issues plaguing the country. He stated that the contest was a well-chalked out conspiracy against Muslims. He stated that it intended to hurt religious sentiments, invite a reaction and then cubbyhole them as fundamentalists. He stated that the legal fraternity was prepared to respond to any such initiative and would record their protest against the blasphemous caricatures. Mian Qudoos added that although the Muslims belonged to different sects, they were united in their love for the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Advocate Chaudhry Zulfiqar, who petitioned the Lahore High Court to ban the social networking site, used the occasion to say that the government should ban all pornographic and anti- Islamic websites.

Published in the Express Tribune, May 26th, 2010.


imran | 11 years ago | Reply Congratulations to all . MFB is fully back, better and faster. We are still running some security checks but have fully opened it up. The entire MFB team would like to thank every single member and the supporters for the immense support and look forward to uniting all the Muslims and decent people of all faiths on the platform now termed as the future of online social networking ….. Decent, Secure, User Privacy Protected and Enriched. Bulletins, Blogs, Walls, Mails, Shout Box, Quizzes, Polls, Games, Chat, e.t.c. are some of the many features offered by MFB for a unique online social experience. As they say truth and facts speak for themselves. No matter how much anyone tries to hide them, they come out in the open. Below are some selections from dozens of Media reports showcasing what the World Media has to say about millatfacebook Facebook, starting from most recent and ranging from confirming MFB’s popularity to declaring it a HIT. It is there for all to see. In addition, all the common queries re MFB are also addressed in the Interview with the Hindustan Times and the Broadcast of Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Let the truth illuminate the darkness of lies and doubts. Please feel free to spread this and source back. New Statesman: “Pakistan’s m i l l a t facebook becoming popular” (Over 333,000 Users) http://www.newstatesman.com/digital/2010/06/muslim... NDTV: “‘Halal’ version of Facebook is a hit in Pakistan” (Over 333,000 Members) http://www.ndtv.com/news/world/halal-version-of-fa... Hindustan Times: “Islam has a branding problem: M i l l a t facebook CEO” http://blogs.hindustantimes.com/cutting-the-edge/2... i l l a t facebook-ceo/#comments Ratio Netherlands Worldwide: “Pakistan launches Facebook for the faithful” http://www.rnw.nl/english/article/pakistan-launche... Lets show them that "Yes We Can NB: Please send this message to all those who are in your circle and prove that we are Muslim and decent people who can do anything for the love of beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
fathah | 12 years ago | Reply assalamu 'alaykum. hello, I'm from Indonesia, and i'd like to share my opinion bout this it's quite a hot debate u had anyway :) first let's think again why some people wanna boycott fb. as far my research goes, it's because: 1) privacy contents, which has been repaired 2) the injustice towards islam, such a few of our friends had said before. and why some people no support millatFB (MFB): 1) a very clear sign of piracy 2)accusation of hipocricy, taking advantage by 'selling' religion. it's enough i think. for point 1 boycooting FB, it is solved i belive. and point 1 of MFB is also solved, i think we should agree on that. let's take a look at point 2 for FB. based on some (if not many) evidence, some of 'em had been stated here, it is so clear that facebook is not balanced in islamic issues. that's why some people wanna 'hijrah' to other kind of social networking. and I believe it's a good thing IF u r do it by your own will. but as you know, there's no other websites as practical as FB in many aspects. that's why some people stay using FB, as myself. because I can contact my friends easily. so until there is a website at least AS CAPABLE AS FB and not a COPYPASTERS maybe i won't leave. my point is, moving from FB is good IF it has more benefit than harm to you. but in my case, ISLAM teach us to stay connect with friends and family and in MY CASE, i can't connect to most of my friends without FB WHICH IS WHY i still use FB. and about the page, just like our brother Hunain Ali said, it's better to not open nor said anything to a page wich is opposing Islam coz in will only increase the popularity. but for the other who quit their FB i give you my respects for doing that which is also a good thing. however, for those suppor MFB I kindly but strongly ask to all of you please make another web which is not copy-pasting someone else's, because OUR RELIGION TAUGHT US NOT TO STEAL. and if you have done it, and it's as practical as FB, please let me know coz insya Allah I will join you too :) ps: please be kind to others when u give ur opinion as Islam taught us
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