New book on Trump a blow to his remaining honour

Published: January 7, 2018
US President Donald Trump departs to Camp David from the White House in Washington, US, January 5, 2018.  PHOTO: REUTERS

US President Donald Trump departs to Camp David from the White House in Washington, US, January 5, 2018. PHOTO: REUTERS

The current week was a disaster for US President Donald Trump in many ways. Among many controversies, the most shocking event for him is the publication of ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ by Michael Wolf, the editor of Hollywood Reporter. The book has come as a nightmare for the Trump administration.

The shocking disclosures in the book about Trump’s first year in the White House have blown away whatever little honour was left for him in the eyes of the American citizens.

It is worth noting that the book is not based on any rumours, but on interviews of 200 staff members who work inside the White House.

Most of the newspapers in the West carried headlines based on the contents of the book.

The book was made available in the market even before the advertised date because the publisher feared that a ban could be imposed.

In the book, Wolf introduces us to a president who seems to be heading a third world country rather than the US of Abraham Lincoln and Roosevelt, who is an expert in seducing the wives of his friends, watches three different channels in his bedroom while eating a burger and is very careful about his toothpaste over fears that someone might poison him.

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One of his close aides blames him for taking sides with Russia and betraying the US.

The readers also learn that Trump fired the FBI chief so that his cooperation with Russia could be kept a secret. The book strips off the remaining cover from the face of the world’s most obstinate and powerful person. The book is screaming out loud that the president is without clothes. The author also openly says that he will be happy if his book could play any role in getting rid of Trump. He thinks Trump is the biggest fabricator in the world.

The author has offered a lot of comments about Trump’s wife. According to him, when the unlikely news of the success of Trump spread, Milania started crying badly, but the tears were not of joy. Their marriage was a surprise for the people who knew Trump.

According to the book, the husband and wife would not see each other for weeks. Their son is also not lucky enough to always have the company of his parents.

The disclosure of the book is a source of concern for the whole world that Trump became president of the US though he was not serious about it and also was not ready for the news.

He was seen confused after the election results were announced. According to his son, Trump acted as if he had seen a ghost. Trump thought that the day of his oath-taking was an unlucky day. The author finds Trump as the most ignorant president in the history who has no understanding of the problems faced by the world today. The author also gives the horrific news that a mentally retarded person is fiddling with the nuclear buttons. The book narrates many events that prove that Trump is not mentally stable. He is gradually losing his mental abilities. The staff has pointed out many incidents that raise questions about the mental alertness of the president. He is so afraid of a perceived threat of poisoning him that he prefers McDonald’s burger.

It may be recalled that renowned psychologists of the US have already said that Trump’s mental health is doubtful.

Another horrifying aspect disclosed in the book is that Trump considers sleeping with the wives of his friends as his biggest victories. He uses the phone as a tool in his game where he asks the wife of his friend to hold the line, while he talks on sex topics with her husband. The purpose is to show the woman that her husband has a loose character. By doing so, Trump paves the way for his friend’s wife to indulge in immoral acts.

The book also highlights in detail that Trump is preparing his daughter Evanka for the next presidential elections so that she can become the first woman president of the US. The author tells that Evanka and her husband face the biggest threat from those who are investigating the Russian interference in the US elections because there are many skeletons in their closets. Former Trump adviser Steve Benin confirmed this horrific news for most Americans that he met Russians at the Trump Tower to get data that would be used to create scandals for Hillary Clinton.

Steve said the meeting was tantamount to betrayal.

The spokesperson for Trump did not refute the allegations but said that legal action would be taken against Steve because he had violated the agreement.

The shocking book does not mention Pakistan, but it could be helpful in understanding Trump. However, the recent statements by Trump about events in Saudi Arabia cannot be ignored as he told his friends that the US administration has placed their own person on the top-most ladder. It was a clear mention of Prince Muhammad bin Salman. Trump also appreciated the arrests of princes by the Saudi crown prince.

It seems that the book will be successful in making the highest number of headlines ever. It also indicates that Pakistan will have to be very careful in its actions during Trump’s presence till he falls prey to his own kicks and it seems that that day is not far away.

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