20 breathtaking photos from #ETBestOf2017

Our winner, Zahra Khan Durrani's fantastic photo of Hiran Minar got over 4000 likes winning her an HTC phone

News Desk January 02, 2018

They say one picture is worth a thousand words. A large majority around the globe don’t really understand how beautiful Pakistan really is. This year, The Express Tribune, with the help of its supremely talented readers and Instagrammers held a competition to give the world a tiny glimpse into the Pakistan they don't know about.

Photographers from all over Pakistan took some of the most breathtaking pictures and used the hashtag #ETBESTOF2017 to enter the competition. While all our entries were phenomenal, due to space constraints we are producing 20 of the most-liked photos here:

1. Majestic View of snow clad mountains from Ayubia National Park, Muree.


PHOTO: @jawad.ahmed.photography 

2. This picture perfectly preserves the epitome of innocence, a child's smile.25036456_156573341737095_8986781109064826880_n
PHOTO: @roufsadiqtantray

3. Brilliant view of a musical school located at one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan, Hunza Valley. 25008148_135868447128180_370134363104346112_n
PHOTO: @_the.lost.soul

4. Celebrating the colors of Autumn in Hunza, Gilgit-Balitistan.25014740_2002096690066121_1478331527149387776_n
PHOTO: @mr.hunzai

5. Breathtaking sunset shot in Shigar Valley. 25013804_2003361563239141_2274434269860331520_n
PHOTO: @crvazeers

6. This picture captures the stunning beauty of Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir.25017797_1742843809123249_6878394363676721152_n

PHOTO:  @nadeem_clicks1

7. Watching the day end from Gorakh Hill Station, Sindh.25013263_1718825308149144_618794934975070208_n

PHOTO:  @anwar.soha

8. Children on their way to school in Sardaryaab, Charsadda.
PHOTO: @haziq_bin_zubair

9. Beautiful snowfall covering the hills of Muree, Pakistan.25017948_1675566875861433_1321385532298625024_n
PHOTO: @jawad.ahmed.photography

10. Aerial view of Wazir Khan Mosque and its surroundings in Lahore, Pakistan.25021469_1598563250181807_7675214146882764800_n
PHOTO: @alisjafri

11. View of Hiran Minar, dating back to early 17th century in the town of Sheikhupura, Punjab.25038005_1535406249870793_6776289126896369664_n

PHOTO: @zahrakhandurrani

12. Manthokha Waterfall in Kharmang Valley, Skardu, Pakistan .25013513_157029238251806_125440219301281792_n
PHOTO: @syedshoaibhasan

13. Mastering the art of making puri's in the streets of Lahore.25008552_201335070440253_3893072375591206912_n
PHOTO: @haziq_bin_zubair

14. Spellbinding beauty of Taobat in Azad Kashmir.25014573_1896218140707122_2589839694367817728_n
PHOTO: @miesamjafry

15. Aerial view of Alpurai, capital of Shangla in K-P after a recent snowfall.

25011282_625252737598500_7597350130722799616_nPHOTO: @adnaanmunir

16. En route to the magnificent Khunjerab Pass.


PHOTO: @sheraliphotography

17. View of Ormara beach, Gwadar -Balochistan.

PHOTO: @rehmanali4

18. Aerial view of Faisal Mosque in Islamabad. 


PHOTO: @murtazakh

19. Splendid beauty of Attabad Lake in Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan.


PHOTO: @k.e.h.k.i.s.h.a.n 

20. The best reflection of emotion is through one's eyes.


PHOTO: @balochlens 


Bunny Rabbit | 5 years ago | Reply I was in Srinagar , Kashmir in 84 - too young to appreciate the beauty then . some of these pics remind me of Switzerland . both side so the border are blessed with abundant natural beauty .
smalee | 5 years ago | Reply Master piece, Superb, Bohat AAlaaa Very Nice The much needed article after a long time.
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