Horoscope: December 7, 2017

Published: December 7, 2017
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Aries | March 20 – April 18

Although every sign is influenced by the confusion triggered by Mercury’s retrograde cycle, which lasts until the 2rd, because it accents tricky issues or unwise agreements, you could find yourself reviewing, if not undoing, certain arrangements. While this won’t be interesting, it isn’t just timely, the matters you’re dealing with are urgent.

Taurus | April 19 – May 19

Often, talking things through is an essential step to dealing with differences with others. At the moment, however, even the simplest of conversations about the issues in question could create even more confusion. Once certain still unknown facts surface, those discussions will be worthwhile. Until then, the less you say, the better.

Gemini | May 20 – June 20

Over the past few days, there’ve been discussions about a range of ideas or offers, one more exciting than the other. Better yet, they involve situations or individuals you’re convinced are reliable. While that’s true, bear in mind that with so much in transition, things are likely to change, and more than once.

Cancer | June 21 – July 21

As much as you’d like to clear up certain persistent, if not worrying, issues you correctly sense this isn’t the time to address them. In part this is because with Mercury retrograde, confusion is inevitable. But, as much, you quite rightly question whether others are concealing facts for reasons of their own.

Leo | July 22 – August 21

By no means do you ignore your emotions and, mostly, you let others know exactly what you’re feeling. However, the emotional intensity triggered by the recent Full Moon was so overwhelming you somewhat over-dramatised what was going on. That, in turn, means you must now explain things weren’t as bad as they seemed.

Virgo | August 22 – September 21

One of your greatest assets is your ability to deal with even very tricky decisions, and in a way that’s both wise and benefits everybody. Recently, however, you’ve been forced to sacrifice certain of your own objectives in favour of others’ needs. Soon this generosity will be returned, and in miraculous ways.

Libra | September 22 – October 22

Judging by the planetary setup for December, eager as you are to turn exciting ideas into solid plans, you’re better off taking your time. In fact, you’re urged to wait until the 25th, when your ruler Venus encounters the down to earth Saturn. By then you’ll have the crucial facts you’re currently lacking.

Scorpio | October 23 – November 21

Don’t be surprised if seemingly straightforward arrangements need to be rethought, if not substantially altered. This is down to the ideas planet Mercury, being retrograde and especially accenting practical or financial matters. While annoying in the short term, what you learn when dealing with them will justify the effort you make.

Sagittarius | November 22 – December 20

While there’s a New Moon every month, there’s only one Sagittarius New Moon each year. It’s on the 18th. Knowing that’s coming, you’re urged to avoid making plans in detail and instead, focus on exploring potentially worthwhile changes or intriguing ideas, keeping in mind between now and then, circumstances themselves are bound to change.

Capricorn | December 21 – January 18

You’ve put off making several crucial decisions because you were lacking information. While things are moving swiftly those facts you’re seeking haven’t surfaced. This gives you little choice but to base those decisions on a blend of the facts you have and your intuition. This will work, and surprisingly well.

Aquarius | January 19 – February 17

As a clever air sign, you’re usually the first to notice tensions building in certain situations and, equally, the first to explore ways to deal with them. However, with the communication planet Mercury retrograde, those issues are unlikely to be clear cut. Discuss anything urgent but save the rest for later in the month.

Pisces | February 18 – March 19

Annoying as the confusion triggered by the retrograde Mercury can be, bizarrely, some of those errors and misunderstandings are leading to worthwhile discussions. In fact, if you’ll take time to delve into a few of them, you’ll realise that with very little effort, you could resolve them, once and for all.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 7th, 2017.

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