Texas teacher calls police on six-year-old Muslim kid with Down Syndrome

Substitute teacher allegedly called the non-verbal boy a 'terrorist'

News Desk December 02, 2017

The father of a six-year-old Muslim kid with Down Syndrome claimed on national television that a substitute teacher in Texas allegedly called his son a terrorist on November 30.

FOX 26 reported the father of the victim saying the teacher had called the police on the kid as well.

According to Maher Suleiman, the boy's father, the teacher allegedly claimed that his son said "Allah" and "boom" at CJ Harris Elementary School in Pearland, Texas, but Suleiman says the boy, Mohammad, is non-verbal, reported Bustle.

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Suleiman told FOX 26 that the teacher's alleged report is "not implied discrimination, it’s actual discrimination." The substitute teacher's phone call triggered investigations by the Pearland Police Department and Child Protective Services.

An officer from the Pearland Police Department tells the reporting news agency in an email that the department was called to investigate, but "determined it was not a police matter, and we have no further involvement."

The Pearland Police Department did not provide details regarding what the call was about. Child Protective Services told FOX 26 that its investigation into Mohammad's family remains open.

Suleiman told FOX 26 that Mohammad has Down Syndrome chromosome 21, and, contrary to what the substitute teacher allegedly told police, has never spoken. "He needs care all the time," he added, saying Mohammad has "intellectual difficulties" and that "he doesn't speak at all."

"The last three to four weeks have been the hardest of my life," Suleiman, told FOX 26. "My wife and kids were crying a few days ago and I told them everything is fine." It is not currently known if the substitute teacher is still employed by the district.

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The story also ignited criticism from all across social media, especially on Twitter, where some users are saying the teacher's alleged report is a result of increasing Islamophobia.

This story comes right after Donald Trump retweeted three Islamophobic tweets containing media from far-right political party 'Britain First', which Vox reported is allegedly known for its extremely anti-Muslim sentiments.


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