Conspiracy theorists claim 1972 photo from Apollo 17 mission proves moon landing was fake

Published: November 19, 2017


Conspiracy theorists have endeavoured to disprove the ‘giant leap’ made by man by walking on the moon, with a recent video being uploaded to YouTube highlighting something strange in the six and final moon landing, according to MailOnline.

The user has pointed out that a figure on the lunar surface is not wearing a spacesuit.

Streetcap1, a YouTube user, focuses on an image which purports to show a ‘stagehand’ reflected in the visor of an astronaut after Apollo 17 landed on the moon in December 1972.

On the mission, Eugene Cernan and Harrison ‘Jack’ Schmitt spent about 22 hours on the surface in the Taurus-Littrow valley, while colleague Ronald Evans orbited overhead.

The team are said to have carried out a series of experiments including seismic profiling, atmospheric composition analysis and lunar sampling.

The video clip has garnered more than 53,000 views and contains a commentary by the user who says of the visor reflection: “I thought it looked a bit strange, so I took a picture of it using my software.”

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What we appear to have here is a figure of a human not wearing a spacesuit. There was some dispute back in 2009 of the legitimacy of these photos.”

He describes the strange figure as having “long hair” and “wearing some sort of waistcoat”.

And concludes: “Did we make it to the moon? Where’s this guy’s spacesuit?”

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  • Bubba Jones
    Nov 22, 2017 - 3:22PM

    Regarding the Apollo 17 mission, is it fake or real?…one only needs to watch the press conference from the Astronauts returning after the Apollo 11 mission to give one a real clue to the veracity of ALL the Apollo missions.
    Particularly when the press conference is analyzed by
    “Reverse speech analysis” technique…a truly terrifying eye opener…and then one can make a better, and more thorough appraisal of the “Did we or didn’t we go to the moon?”

    The fact that one image of a stage hand on the moon set at Area 51 slipping out to the public means only one thing…
    That somebody at NASA finally feels guilty enough to let the American people…and the world at large in on the big gag of the most expensive magic show in human history…that was the Apollo moon program…a trick to make the Soviets really believe we landed there.

    I’m sure somebody in the Poliburo knew the inside skivvy about NASA, but had enough class to let the dopey Americans try to pull this whopper off…being that they had totally floundered at the Moon game when their giant heavy lift vehicle detonated on the pad at almost the same time we aledgedly left on our Jules Verne pop can trick.

    I was once a true believer…and watched all the moon launches on TV as a kid…now I’m just sad we never did it. Maybe there’s a new chance for a new resergence in the moon program…

    But not by NASA…the greatest traitors since
    Benedict Arnold.

    “The truth is out there.”Recommend

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