Man throws acid on his mother and nephew

Man threw acid on his aged mother and nephew over a property dispute

Express April 25, 2011


A man threw acid on his aged mother and nephew over a property dispute on Saturday. The injured were shifted to Nishtar Hospital and doctors have said that both are in critical condition.

Muzaffargarh’s slum resident Wahid Bukhsh had a quarrel with his older brother over property. Neighbours of the family said that the Wahid’s mother supported his older brother in the dispute. “She had often tried to mediate between them on the issue,” said Rashida, a neighbour. On Saturday, following a heated exchange between the brothers, Wahid threw acid on his nephew Khurram. When his mother came to try and stop him, he threw acid on her.

Doctors at Nishtar Hospital said that both victims had suffered third degree burns to over 60 per cent of their bodies and were in critical condition.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 25th, 2011.



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