Fighting the militants

Published: April 24, 2011

LAHORE: This is with reference to General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s remarks made on April 23 where he told cadets of the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul that the militant’s back has “been broken”. The fact of the matter is that American dependency upon Pakistani forces is not a secret. While the Americans have their drones, they know that using drones alone cannot help in capturing territory or driving out militants from a particular area. That can only be done by ground forces, and for that the Americans need the assistance of the Pakistanis.

What the army chief is saying is right to the extent that the militants are on the run in the areas where the military is confronting them. And, of course, while he did not make any reference to it, his remarks are also intended as a response to recent American statements that the Pakistani military is not doing enough to fight the militants.

Ali Khan

Published in The Express Tribune, April 25th, 2011.

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  • Viqar ul Haq
    Apr 25, 2011 - 8:20AM

    The war on terror is an international war and no one country can fight it out alone. We berate US involvement in Pakistan. Why? We say Pakistan is fighting an American war. Come on! Have a heart5. The terrorists have made life a living hell for us Pakistanis. If they think they are fighting against the governmnet policies, why do they not come out, make peace with the government and let us get together to fight the ‘infidels’ be they US marines, the CIA daredevils or the Jews, but why litter the Pak soil with mutilated bodies of poor people including women and children, burning schools, bombing police stations.
    If we are siding with the US we are not on the wrong path. The drones are not bombing us, they are targeting the militants and terrorists infesting our beautiful tribal areas. I salute the tribals for their resilience and their support for the government. It is the nuisance value our politicians are trying to buy and sell.
    We should not degrade the wisdom of our civil and military leadership for fighting a universal menace with the help of the US forces. Besides, the US is paying the bill, not our great taxpayers, beware!Recommend

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