Eat two burgers instead of fries, says nutritionist

If you are a fries-before-guys kind of a person, you might have trouble accepting this advice

Entertainment Desk November 11, 2017

We have always read about cutting back on junk food or introducing greens to our diet, but according to a report by The Independent, a nutritionist has just given a food tip that we might really like.

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Emily Field, a registered dietitian and nutritionist has revealed that we should replace our order of fries and a burger with two burgers.

Yes, we are as surprised as you are.

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If you are a fries-before-guys kind of a person, you might have trouble accepting this advice. However, for those of you who like to stuff their mouth with juicy burgers, this is the best news you will hear today - or in a lifetime.



It's more about the composition of food and not so much about the calories as the amount of calorie intake remains more or less, the same. The protein keeps you full, carbs give you energy and the fat helps you absorb vitamins and minerals. Emily added that the trick to making yourself feel less guilty about your fast food splurge is balancing these three things. "You’ll end up with fewer cravings later in the day, and less desire to binge," she added.

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Emily wants people to approach any food and know that they can still make a responsible choice for their body. The fats and protein slow the breakdown of carbs which prevents dips in insulin levels.


Cereal, for example, is a common choice for breakfast all around the world. However, the sharp energy spike that it gives you quickly fades away. Emily advises, "Throwing some protein-rich Greek yoghurt or some nuts in your cereal will help avoid the crash."

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